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In the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (the Senior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences) we conduct interdisciplinary education in the humanities and sciences with the aim of fostering students whose understanding transcends both regional and disciplinary boundaries.

One main role of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide Junior Division (first- and second-year) liberal arts education for all students entering the University of Tokyo, but it is also responsible for specialist Senior Division education for those third- and fourth-year undergraduate students who major in the interdisciplinary fields which are the special feature of study at Komaba. This Senior Division education comprises courses in both humanities and sciences; the aim is to develop further the liberal arts spirit of the Junior Division through cutting-edge teaching that is interdisciplinary in scope and international in focus. Through this, we aim to nurture students whose interests span multiple domains, who are actively involved in multilingual and multicultural environments, and whose pioneering spirit may lead them into new fields of research.

After the creation of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1951, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on the Komaba Campus was quick to establish a course in International Relations, along with other programs which transcended the boundaries of the traditional disciplines. Further, to respond to the demands of modern society and the changing times, in 2011 a bold new reorganization of the established disciplines took place. The reorganized Faculty of Arts and Sciences now comprises three departments, each providing an education drawing strongly on their unique areas of expertise. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is comprised of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Area Studies, and Social and International Relations. The Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences consists of Science and Technology Studies, Geography and Spatial Design, Informatics, Earth System and Energy Science, and Evolutionary Biology. The Department of Integrated Sciences is composed of Mathematical Sciences, Matter and Materials Science, Integrated Life Sciences, Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, and Sports Sciences Sub-course.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers a wide range of courses, given by specialists in diverse areas of expertise. The class size is usually small, creating an ideal educational environment. In the humanities, a variety of foreign languages is taught, making it possible to obtain a broad international perspective that is not tied to a single area; in particular, programs in the major languages enable students to reach a level of proficiency advanced enough for them to be able to express flexible and cross-disciplinary creativity in international contexts. In the area of science, the Department of Integrated Sciences has developed an original cross-disciplinary program, through which students can acquire insight and expertise in a variety of disciplines en route to participation in cutting-edge studies, while in the Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences, students learn to take a holistic approach combining arts- and science-related thinking, and to apply suitable methodologies to new challenges. In addition to this, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides a range of cross-disciplinary programs that do not fit into any of the fields mentioned above, including Global Ethics, Evolutionary Cognitive Brain Science, Barrier-free, and the Science Interpreter. The Senior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences thus provides a distinctive education in both the arts and sciences, one with a strong emphasis on promoting thinking across disciplinary boundaries.


2. Departments

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
Area Studies
Social and International Relations

Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences
Science and Technology Studies
Geography and Spatial Design

Earth System and Energy Science

Evolutionary Biology Sub-course

Department of Integrated Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Matter and Materials Science
Integrated Life Sciences
Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
Sports Sciences Sub-course

Cross-disciplinary programs
Global Ethics
Evolutionary Cognitive Brain Science
Science Interpreter

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