Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Admissions Process

  1. Traditional Undergraduate Course in Japanese
    There are two processes for admission to the traditional undergraduate program of the University of Tokyo. One is for students who graduate from high schools in Japan (General Screening Test) and the other is for students who graduate from high schools abroad (Special Screening Tests). (Japanese Only)
    As majority of the courses in the traditional undergraduate programs are taught in Japanese, a high level of proficiency in Japanese is required and the information for both admissions processes accessible from the above links are only available in Japanese.
    Those who would like information on the undergraduate programs which use English as the medium for teaching should click on the link to the PEAK programs below.
  2. PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba)
    The University of Tokyo has started two new undergraduate degrees with English as the medium of instruction. Detailed information on the PEAK programs, admissions process and application forms are available through this link.
  3. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Procedures
    Information concerning the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) scholarships which can be applied for before coming to Japan (as embassy recommendation or university recommendation) can be found here. Links to a list of Japanese embassies overseas and to MEXT are available on this page.

Undergraduate Education System

A key feature of the undergraduate education at the University of Tokyo is that the first two years (referred to as the Junior Division) are devoted to the acquisition of the fundamental skills necessary for further study. At the time of admission students are assigned to one of six streams in either the Humanities and Social Sciences or the Natural Sciences, where they study a broad spectrum of liberal arts subjects in the Junior Division. From there they proceed to one of the 50 departments in the ten Faculties of the Senior Division (the third and fourth years) in accordance with their preference, aptitude, and performance.

Degree Programs Offered in English

  1. PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba)
  2. Information on Degree Programs in English
  3. Japanese Universities for Motivated People (JUMP)

Japanese Universities for Motivated People (JUMP) study in Japan website

Undergraduate Course Catalogue


Courses available at each Faculty and Graduate School can be searched for at the following URL:
(Available courses change annually.)
Undergraduate courses, Graduate courses:

Note: For reference, courses offered in English in undergraduate Faculties are as follows:
Courses offered in English in undergraduate faculties (as of June 15th, 2012)

Undergraduate Research Students

Enrollment as an Undergraduate Research Student

Undergraduate research students belong to a special category for those who wish to engage in research activities in specialized fields. No degree or qualification is awarded to undergraduate research students after the completion of a research term.

(a) Qualifications for Applying
Applicants must be university graduates, or have completed 16 years of school education. However, some faculties may accept applications from those who have completed 14 years of education (equivalent of junior college graduates in Japan).

(b) Application Procedures
All applicants are required to submit their application documents to the Faculty in which they wish to enroll. Since the immigration process for Japan tends to take a long time, it is necessary to complete the application procedures at least six months prior to admission. Please contact the relevant Faculty office for more information.