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Greater UTokyo Seminar

Greater UTokyo Seminars are theme-specific learning programs which were started in Fall 2010 with the aim of contributing to social development as well as scientific and cultural creation from a global perspective.

The Seminars are open to all people, including UTokyo alumni. Each Greater UTokyo Seminar consists of a series of 10 lectures focused on cutting-edge themes of contemporary society, and issues are pursued to the core by professionals including key lecturers. Approximately 300 people have already attended the seminars in total.

Recruitment for the 13th Greater UTokyo Seminar, which will focus on AI, will start in late January 2017.

Further details can be viewed here. (in Japanese)

Past Seminars

Period Theme Key lecturers
Fall 2016 Islam Eiji Nagasawa
Spring 2016 Hydrogen Koji Segawa
Fall 2015 Africa Mitsugu Endo
Spring 2015 Water Hiroaki Furumai
Fall 2014 Russia Nobuaki Shiokawa
Spring 2014 Medical care Kazunori Kataoka, Hiromichi Kimura
Fall 2013 China Akio Takahara
Spring 2013 Robots Isao Shimoyama
Fall 2012 Asia Motoo Furuta
Spring 2012 Seas Ken Furuya
Fall 2011 Deep sea resources Kokichi Iizasa
Fall 2010 Woods Naoto Ando

(All the lectures are conducted in Japanese.)