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UTokyo offers “Studying at Japanese Universities” as a MOOC Series (Division of International Affairs)

September 19, 2016

Date of activity: September 19, 2016

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) has developed and offers a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) series titled “Studying at Japanese Universities” via Coursera, as a free online course for those interested in studying in Japan.
The series is designed to help learners discover the great programs offered by different Japanese universities including UTokyo and help prepare their study plans by listening to experiences and advice from international students who are currently studying in Japan. In addition to gaining knowledge about the programs offered in Japan, learners will also be able to make a draft personal application and study abroad plan through the assignments in the course. This series is a course that intends to support studying at Japanese universities by providing opportunities to the learners to interact online with others who are also interested in studying in Japan as well as with the Course Teaching Assistants (Course TAs) and international students currently studying in Japan.
The series’ lead instructors, Professor Yujin Yaguchi and Associate Professor Yuko Itatsu from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, are supported by 25 international students currently attending UTokyo who willingly participated in the videos to share their experiences. Additionally, five international students and researchers at UTokyo are in charge of assisting in the course operation as Course TAs. Furthermore, information on study abroad programs offered at other Japanese universities and study abroad guides are provided in the course through cooperation with universities selected for the Top Global University projects, MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), and JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) with the aim of increasing the number of international students coming to Japan.
This course is delivered in English with English subtitles and is open to all through Coursera at no cost. Those who complete the series have the added option of earning a verified certificate of completion should they wish to do so.
Please check out the course regardless of whether or not you have decided to study in Japan!
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