Open-source software development for Local5G/6G mobile systems

Akihiro Nakao
Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies and Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
Toward the latter half of post 5G (after 2025), we posit that two trends will become significant: (1) "softwarizaton," realizing flexible network functions by utilizing software programs on general purpose hardware and (2) "democratization of information and communications" advances, where stakeholders not only expand the area of major telecommunications carriers but also build private mobile networks by themselves. In other words, for 6G, we believe that the customization of necessary functions will create the competition through software and the bottom-up evolution brought about by democratization. Therefore, this research and development of additional functions and competitive areas (hereafter referred to as value-add areas) will be carried out to enhance competitiveness of the domestic companies, while utilizing open source as a collaborative area where anyone can use the foundation for building a flexible infrastructure. We thus establish "strategic open-source utilization" in this project. We will build a foundation that enables challenging research and development, such as "MEC integration," "low power consumption," and "slicing for each application" for 6G, in addition to strengthening the functions of the 5G core in the collaborative area through co-creation of vendors, operators, and academia, and value-add areas such as management enhancement and system solution development that each participating party is working on. We have also started implementing a (multiple simultaneous) roaming function that enables simultaneous and seamless connection of multiple public and private networks, such as Local5G run by multiple operators, which may be proliferated due to the democratization of information and communications.

Research and Development Project of the Enhanced Infrastructures for Post-5G Information and Communication Systems/ Feasibility Study.
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  •  APRESIA Systems
  •  Fujitsu
  •  IIJ


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