Operando Measurement

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Shik Shin
Institute for Solid State Physics
“Operando” is a recent Latin word meaning “working” or “operating” and has been used in the field of catalyst research from 2002. Rapid development of laser and synchrotron radiation spectroscopy has made it possible to perform "Operando measurement" which is a spectroscopic evaluation during reactions in catalysts, or during operating processes in devices. Operando measurement serves as one of the main research subjects at the Laser and Synchrotron Research (LASOR) Center in ISSP founded in 2012. Operando measurement has been an essential method not only in the basic science but also in industries for its variety of applications including catalytic reactions in exhaust gas treatment of vehicles, water photolysis, photosynthesis of proteins, operation of semiconductors, memories, and solar cells, thus contributing to sustainable industrialization. In collaboration with AIST, we have embarked on an effort to industrialization with the project called "AIST-UTokyo Advanced Operando-Measurement Technology Open Innovation Laboratory; OPERANDO-OIL."
Operando imaging of the electronic state of working devices
Operando measurement of the electronic structure of graphene device by applying a voltage

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Research collaborators

- National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

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