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☆Updated on May 24, 2024☆
The University of Tokyo
- Asian University for Women
Joint Summer Program

at the University of Tokyo
 "Body, Environment and Sustainability"



 From July 29 to August 8, the University of Tokyo will host a summer program in collaboration with Asian University for Women (AUW). The program is entitled “Body, Environment and Sustainability”

Overview (Updated on May 24)

 This 10-days long program at the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) is designed exclusively for students of UTokyo and the Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh to explore ways of fostering a sustainable world. It will concentrate on two key areas: body and environment, and explore some of the world's most urgent issues, including gender inequality, poverty, disasters, and conflicts.
 The program offers sessions on themes like the following, led by experts from UTokyo and beyond, with a special focus on the context of the Global South:
 - Health and Body: What does being "healthy" entail?
 - Education and Health: How can education contribute to bodily health and safety?
 - National Borders and Medicine: How do borders and poverty create disparities in healthcare access?
 - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
 - Life and Body of Refugees: What does life in a refugee camp mean for women and children?
 - Technology and Body: How do robotics and AI alter our understanding of humanity?

● Lecturers in Classes:
Dr. Eiko Narita (Chief of UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Representation Office in Tokyo)
Dr. Takeo Fujikura (Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama) / Kanjiyama A (Pantomime Artist, Director of Kanjiyama Mime )
Dr. Yujin Yaguchi (Vice President / Director of Center for Global Education / Professor at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, UTokyo)
Dr. Tomoyoshi Nozaki (Professor at Graduate School of Medicine, UTokyo)
Dr. Mari Yoshihara (Professor of American Studies, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa / Professor at Center for Global Education, UTokyo)
Dr. Ai Hisano (Associate Professor at the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies/Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, UTokyo)
Dr. Sho Shimoyamada (Project Lecturer at Centre for Global Education, UTokyo)

●  At the symposium held on the last day of the program, Sputniko! (Artist / Associate Professor of Design at the Tokyo University of Arts. / Founder and CEO of Cradle Inc.) will give a keynote speech and have a discussion with students!

Learning Off-campus (Updated on May 24)

 Participants will have learning experiences outside the classroom, including a one-day excursion around Tokyo and cultural activities and visits to Mori Art Museum (in Roppongi) and JICA Global Plaza (in Ichigaya). One of the highlights of the program will be a workshop and a dialogue with staff members (including senior executives) of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. that owns UNIQLO, GU and other subsidiaries.

Friendship with AUW students

 AUW was established to educate first generation women, who are the first in their family to enroll at the university. The university offers liberal arts curricula to women from Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Syria.
 Through learning and spending spare time together with highly motivated AUW students, you will deepen your understanding of diversity. Students of both universities students are encouraged to do off-campus activities together such as visiting sites in Tokyo or having dinner.

 Specialized disciplinary knowledge on the theme of the program is not necessary. Undergraduate students in any year or majors are welcome.
 For details of the program and an application method, please refer to the application guidelines below.
 We are looking forward to your application!

*Reports on the UTokyo-AUW Joint Summer Program AY2023 (Program, Symposium) and the documentary film of the program are published on the website of the Center for Global Education (UTokyo Globe).
※The documentary film of the program 2023 (short version) :

Application Procedures & Application Deadline

●Applicatin Procedures:
An application has to be made through the UTAS "Overseas Study" system. For details of application procedures through the UTAS, please refer to the Application Guidelines and the instruction "Applying for Programs via UTAS" shown below.

●Application Deadline: 5p.m., June 4, 2024 (Tue) (JST)
*Those who have not submitted Go Global Statement yet are also required to submit it via GGG system no later than the deadline above.

Application Guidelines, Application Documents, Appendix (Updated on May 24)

◆Application Guidelines
UTokyo-AUW Joint Summer Program 2024 Application Guidelines (Updated on May 24)

◆Application Documents
 Please download the designated files from the link below.
Application Documents (Consent Form, Statement of Purpose, Terms and Conditions) *Log in with UTokyo Account.
* Submission format of the application document "Statement of Purpose" has been changed. Please convert the file (originally as Excel file) into PDF format before submission via UTAS.

 For the application via UTAS, please refer to the following instructions.
“Applying for Programs via UTAS” (updated on May 16) *Log in with UTokyo Account.


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