Housing Information

Hotel Information around the Komaba Campus

The University of Tokyo does not arrange hotel accommodations, but this webpage provides some information about hotel accommodations around the Komaba campus. Please note that this information was selected at random from accommodations available around the Komaba campus, and not all hotel accommodations in the area is listed. Also, please note that it is your own responsibility to arrange accommodations for your stay. Please contact the hotels directly for more details.

Mark Name Access Phone Number
B Tokyu Stay Shibuya
  • About a 3-minute walk from "Shinsen" station on the Inokashira line About a 10-minute walk from "Shibuya" station on the JR line
  • About an 8-minute walk from "Shibuya" station on the Denentoshi line
C Shibuya Tokyu Inn
  • About a 2-minute walk from the east or Miyamasuzaka exit of "Shibuya" station on the JR line
D Shibuya Tobu Hotel
  • About a 7-minute walk from the Hachiko exit of "Shibuya" station on the JR line