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Housing Information

Oiwake International Hall of Residence

Oiwake International Hall of Residence provides accommodations for domestic and international students enrolled in the University's undergraduate senior division or graduate programs. The Hall is established to serve the following three purposes: assist students with financial difficulty; deepen communication among resident students through dorm life; and promote international exchange between domestic and international students. In general, the body of residents at the Residence is made up of domestic undergraduate students (40%), domestic graduate students (30%) and international students (30%). The Hall has an association of residents called "Jichikai" in Japanese, which basically handles a variety of everyday affairs at its own discretion. All residents are required to join the association.

※The Oiwake International Hall of Residence is no longer accepting applications due to reorganization of the university housing.


Eligibility & Permitted Period of Stay

Domestic or international students enrolled in the University's undergraduate senior division or graduate programs

Undergraduate students: for no more than the duration of the program Graduate students: for no more than the standard duration of the program
Research students: up to 1 year

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Address: 1-12-8, Mukougaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
The University of Tokyo Oiwake International House

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Facilities & Equipment

Construction: 2010

Single room for international students:
small kitchen, bath/toilet, shoe locker, closet, bookshelf, bed, desk, chair, air conditioner

At lounge area:
complete kitchen unit, refrigerator, oven, TV set, dining table, chairs, air conditioner

At community area:
DVD player, overhead projector, conference desks and chairs, air conditioner

washing machine room, bicycle parking lot (motorbikes are prohibited), elevator

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45 single rooms for international students (app. 14m2)
(The Residence building houses 105 single rooms for Japanese students, 65 single rooms for foreign researchers and 2 wheelchair-accessible single rooms.)


It varies from room to room.

Room Layout

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Fees (as of September 1, 2019)

50,000 yen

The cleaning fee and the cost for repairing any damages to your room will be deducted from your deposit, and the remainder will be refunded to you.

36,300 yen (monthly)

For students deemed to be having financial difficulty, based on their application form information, he or she will have to pay 20,000 yen a month for the given academic year. Students will be notified of the decision along with the results of the admission screening.

Basic rate + usage charges (Residents need to arrange a contract with a company themselves.)

Monthly basic rates +usage charges (Residents need to arrange a contract with a company themselves.)

1,000 yen (monthly residents' association fees) You must pay the fees for the period of tenancy in advance.
About 2,000 yen (fire insurance premium for one year)

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Application Period and How to Apply

We accept applications twice a year, in January for April admission and in June for October admission. For more information, please contact the staff in charge of international student affairs at your faculty or graduate school.

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Area Information

We provide international students staying at Oiwake International Hall of Residence with information on various services essential for their everyday life.

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Some of the frequently asked questions and answers about Oiwake International Hall of Residence

Q: What are the residential eligibility requirements for the Oiwake International Hall of Residence?

A: The Hall is open to undergraduates at third grade or above, postgraduates and research students. However, because the selection process places importance on financial difficulty, self-supporting students are prioritised over those who receive scholarships. Application periods are decided in accordance with the timing of enrollment/advancement. So, please pay attention to the information on applications on our homepages.

Q: Does the Hall require someone who acts as my guarantor?

A: No, it does not require any guarantor of a prospective resident.

Q: Can I move in before my permitted term of residence starts?

A: No, you can’t. This is because the Hall needs to clean a number of rooms within the limited time between departures of previous residents and arrivals of new ones.

Q: Does the Hall accept unaccompanied goods to be delivered before I move in?

A: No. The Hall has no space to keep future residents’ belongings temporarily.

Q: Can I ask the University to open accounts with power, gas and water providers?

A: No. Every new resident must go through those procedures on his/her own.

Q: Can I visit and see the Hall before I move in?

A: Yes. Please inform the Student Scholarship and Welfare Group of a few time slots convenient for you. Then, the Group will make arrangements with the Hall Office and come back to you with the schedule. When you visit the Hall, please show your ID to the office staff.

Room and Facilities
Q: Is there a parking area which residents can use to park their bicycles, motorbikes and/or cars? 

A: The Hall has a bicycle parking area only, or there is no parking space for motorbikes and cars. If you use a bicycle, you will have to register it with the lodge office.

Q: What is the bed size? Is there a mattress with the bed?

A: The Hall provides a single bed whose size is 96cm wide, 195cm long and 33.5cm high. Because there is no mattress, please purchase one together with other bedclothes after you move in.

Q: Can I use the Internet?

A: Yes, you can. Regarding the procedure, please refer to an instruction placed on top of the desk in your room (after you move in).

Commuting Time
Q: How long does it take to go to the Hongo Campus?

A: It takes about 15 minutes by foot and five minutes by bicycle.

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Nearest Station and Bus Stop / Access from  the Airport

How to get there from Hongo Campus:
Start from the main gate of the campus and walk north along Hongo Street for 11 minutes

1. 4-minute walk from Todaimae Station on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
2. 7-minute walk from Hon-komagome Station on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
3. 7-minute walk from Hakusan Station on Toei Mita Line
4. 11-minute walk from Sendagi Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
5. 12-minute walk from Nezu Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
6. 19-minute walk from Hongo-sanchome Station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
    or on Toei Oedo Line
7. In front of the Toei Bus's Mukougaoka 1-chome stop

*Please note that the amounts of time shown in the following table indicate only the expected travelling time. The table does not include the time it takes for transfer or waiting.

・ Airport Limousine Bus: Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd. (external website)

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Narita Airport → Oiwake International Hall of Residence

crossing-over map

Haneda Airport → Oiwake International Hall of Residence

crossing-over map