Japan India Exchange Platform Program

Inter-University Exchange Project (India)




What is Inter-University Exchange Project (India)?

The Inter-University Exchange Project is a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) launched in 2011 in order to cultivate global talent to play active roles internationally and to strengthen the global capacity of university education. It aims to support study abroad by Japanese students and strategic intake of foreign students through international education partnerships with universities overseas while assuring the quality of higher education.

Type A programs are educational programs aimed to foster human resources capable of being globally active through the exchange of students between selected Japanese universities and collaborating Indian universities, and to assure the quality of mechanisms for the mutual recognition of credits and grade management through an international framework.

The “Platform Building Program (Type B)” will create a platform to share information and methods for exchange programs based on the experiences of Type A programs with other universities and organizations interested in cooperating with Indian universities. UTokyo was selected in FY2017 and has started the work of creating the platform.