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STUDY KYOTO ~ Short-Term Study Abroad Program ~

Studying abroad, not for the purpose of obtaining a degree,but for purposes such as school study , experiencing a different cultureor language learning.


1. Kyoto Study Program - from Anime to Zen -

The Kyoto Study Program is a 2-week short-term organized by the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto in collaboration with Kyoto city.
Participants will be able to experience Kyoto’s cutting-edge animation technology and historic traditional culture as well as lectures and cultural-exchange programs at universities. The program is run twice a year, in summer and winter, and English is the main language used.


2. Kyoto inspiration

The “Kyoto inspiration” program of Kyoto Seika University is a new program providing participants with insights into how Kyoto’s traditional culture has had an impact on contemporary popular media, for example, manga, anime, fashion and games. The program lasts for 12 days, and the lectures will be conducted in English. Field trips, a one-night temple stay and 2 free days for personal explorations are included in this program.


3. Kyoto Startup Summer School(Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Kyoto Startup Summer School is a two-week intensive program that brings together future change makers with established entrepreneurs, practitioners, and academics. KS³ offers hands-on learning experiences on a broad range of startup topics that provide the necessary knowledge and skills to build a successful startup.
Since it’s inception in 2016, over 100 people from 26 countries have been involved in Kyoto Startup Summer School, the most international program of its kind in Japan.


4.RSJP/RWJP(Ritsumeikan Summer (Winter) Japanese Program)

The Ritsumeikan Summer Japanese Program (RSJP) and Ritsumeikan Winter Japanese Program (RWJP) are programs aimed at university and graduate school students with basic Japanese proficiency. These programs are designed to comprehensively introduce Japanese language and culture. These programs offers a unique learning environment as well as opportunities for cultural exchange where participants can engage in short-term intensive language study.


5. The College of Image Arts and Sciences Summer Program

A short-term program developed in collaboration with the College of Image Arts and Sciences. In this program participants are able to learn about movies, comics, games, and more, not only through lectures, but also through hands-on experiences. Participants will visit places where they can experience Japanese pop culture, such as the Kyoto International Manga Museum and Toei Kyoto Studio Park, thus making this program a uniquely Kyoto course.


6. Summer Session

At Doshisha University’s summer sessions, not only do participants study Japanese, they also pay visits to Kyoto’s famous shrines and temples and actually experience the traditional culture of Japan. Students are divided into different classes according to their Japanese ability. The classes are all conducted in Japanese. Meticulous instruction is provided to students to ensure that they can keep up.


7. Japanese Studies Program(JSP)

The Japanese Studies Program (JSP) at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts (DWCLA) is 3 months program which offers both intensive Japanese language courses and Japanese culture and society courses in English.
DWCLA will give one credit for each of the four Japanese language courses and two credits for each Japanese culture and society course. The program is mainly held on Imadegawa campus, which is in the center of Kyoto city, and students not only study in the classroom but also go on several field trips, which include tours of Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, etc.


8. Kyoto Japanese Summer Experience

This short-term intensive Japanese program is offered by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. This three-week program is designed for students who wish to improve their proficiency in the Japanese language while experiencing Japanese culture in Kyoto, an attractive, historical and academic city. We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.


9. Japanese Language Immersion Course(JLIC)

The Japanese Language Immersion Course (JLIC) at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts (DWCLA) offers introductory Japanese language courses to students whose first language is not Japanese.


10. Kyoto Koka Women's University  Japanese Language and Culure Program

This program offers Japanese language classes and traditional cultural activities such as tea ceremony and a gion festival visit. Both male and female students can join this program. One our student will be your partner, and will support you and have international exchange gatherings, creating many opportunities for your exchange with Japanese students.
Accommodation form: hotel, simple accommodation facilities
Time: the period and duration is negotiable. During the year, one is held starting the end of June (one month),
and another in February (2 weeks).


11. Kyoto University Amgen Scholars Program

The Program, started in 2015, is a short-term summer program with scholarship granted. The Program provides unique opportunity for undergraduate students from the globe to participate in research projects under the supervision of Kyoto University faculties.


12. ISI Short-Term Program

ISI Language School Kyoto,ISI Kyoto Campus is now accepting short-term students!
The General Japanese Course is aimed to beginners by using the “Can-do method” for teaching.
Student will be taught Japanese that they can immediately use in their daily life.
Furthermore, thanks to Kyoto’s unique cultural resources, many traditional experiences such as tea ceremony and Zen meditation will take place so students can deepen their knowledge of Japanese culture.
Separately, an Academic Japanese Course is also offered, and both courses are available from 2 weeks.


13. 【Kyoto YMCA International Welfare College Japanese Course】Japanese Summer Course

Japanese Summer Course: What so you think of a short-term exchange program in the center of culture?
During the morning study, and in the afternoon/evening, use your newly learned language skills by exploring Kyoto.
There are also exchange programs for those who wish to participate. (Participation in this is optional.)


14. 【Kyoto Culture Japanese Language School】Summer Intensive Course

The Summer Intensive Course at our school is designed for students who sincerely wish to understand Japan and cultivate useful Japanese. We have established programs conducted outside of the school that are designed so the students can confirm and stabilize the results of studies conducted in the classroom. Further, the things the students learn outside of the classroom are incorporated in the following classroom studies. This kind of Japanese language study can only be conducted in Japan, and the experience programs have a multifarious content, including observation tours, Japanese culture experience programs, and exchange programs with Japanese university students, etc. This study program can only be found in Kyoto.


15. Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School Short Term Course

Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School,Kyoto, a cultural, historical, university city, and a metropolis with leading businesses and many people gather is an international city.
Our school is located in a environment where one can fully experience the four seasons; In the Spring we have a wonderful row of cherry blossom trees in front of the school to welcome you.
At Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School, our goal is to provide more than just a language course. We want to give our students a living language education, one that allows them to engage and immerse themselves in Japanese culture and daily life. We aim for a state of Minsai, which means interpersonal global connections.
See you in Kyoto Minsai!!!

16. Special study and trainig system ( Kyoto Saga University of Arts )

A system to take department / area specific classes. The period of study and training is one year. There is no graduation or completion certificate. Admission exams are conducted in the same way as regular international students.
※There are no classes specifically for exchange students.

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