Japan India Exchange Platform Program

The 5th STS Forum INDIA-JAPAN Workshop in DELHI

Three faculty members of the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo participated in the 5th STS Forum INDIA-JAPAN Workshop in DELHI which was held in the Sheraton New Delhi on February 26, 2020.
Since 2004, the STS Forum has been held annually in Kyoto, Japan as a forum where not only science and technology researchers but also politicians, business leaders, journalists and other opinion leaders from around the world gather to discuss issues related to science, technology and society as common to all mankind. As a part of its outreach activities, this was the fifth time the INDIA-JAPAN Workshop has been held, co-organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of India, JETRO, and the Confederation of Indian Industry, and supported by the Embassy of Japan in India, in addition to the STS Forum (NPO). It was a great success with 123 visitors on the day.
From the University of Tokyo, Professor Hiroyuki Takahashi of the Graduate School of Engineering gave a presentation titled "Strengthening the Startup Initiative by Japan-India Collaboration in Science, Technology and Innovation." In addition to the lecture entitled "The Future of Engineering", Professor Tatsuya Okubo, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering and Satoshi Watanabe, Special Assistant to the President and Professor of the Graduate School of Engineering, participated in the event.


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