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  • Date: 2018.12.20 Thu
  • Time: 15:05-16:05
  • Venue: Ito Hall, Hongo Campus,The University of Tokyo



Mr. Rahul Garg applied for an internship program of "The India-Japan Education Program (IJEP)” when he was a bachelor's student at the Indian Institute of Technology (IITH.) He spent about two months at the University of Tokyo and later participated in the Sakura Science Program at Ritsumeikan University (Japan Science and Technology Agency.) Having completed two short-term study programs in Japan, he has now received scholarships from JICA and enrolled in the Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. He explained that he felt convenience, security and respect for others during his stay in Japan, and it motivated him to proceed to graduate school in Japan. In addition, support teams, host family programs, and Japanese language classes helped him a lot to live in Japan without any difficulty or homesick. He reported that he would like to support Indian students and work in Japan in the future, and expressed his intention to further enhance Japanese language skills.
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