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Presentations on the results of Inter-University Exchange Project Platform Building Program (India, Type B, H29-R3)


Next, WATANABE Satoshi, Special Advisor to the President and Professor in the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, reported on the program contents and results of the “Japan-India Exchange Platform Program (JIEPP)”, which was selected as the “Inter-University Exchange Project Platform Building Program (India Type B)” program in FY 2017.
The program has been using the website it built as an information sharing and dissemination tool.
Symposiums have also been held every year as an opportunity to create new exchanges as well as sharing information.
Besides, in the 2020 fiscal year, it started a seminar series as an opportunity for deepening the understanding on specific themes.
Furthermore, in the 2021 fiscal year, with the participation of the other member universities of the Inter-University Exchange Project (India), the “Information Exchange Meetings of the Japan-India Exchange Institutes” were held twice. Prof. Watanabe stated that the meetings enabled the participants to share detailed information on good practices and challenges faced by each university in the implementation of their projects and to exchange opinions on the future of the Japan-India exchange platform after the grant program ends. He also expressed that from the 2022 fiscal year onward, the platform program will be further developed in collaboration with the “Study in Japan Global Network Project in Southwest Asia" program, which has been commissioned to the University of Tokyo.
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