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Why Japan?

  • Excellent Level of Higher Educational in Japan
  • World Leaders in Science and Technology in Japan
  • Low Tuition Fees in Universities and Colleges in Japan (compared with U.S.)
  • Generous Scholarships from Governments and Other Institutions in Japan
  • More Japanese Companies to Recruit International Students

“The Points-based System for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals” April 2017

Information for Study in Japan

Why Study in Japan? (JASSO)
Why Study in Japan? (JASSO)
FAQ for Prospective Students
FAQ for Prospective Students
Why Japan? International Students Interview (JASSO)
JPSS Website
Japan Study Support Information for International Students
UTokyo Website
Why Japan? (UTokyo website)
UTokyo Website
Prospectus for International Students (UTokyo)
Student Guide to Japan (JASSO)
Guide Book ""Student Guide to Japan"" (JASSO)
""Student Guide to Japan"" is an essential book for international students planning to study in Japan.
Studying at Japanese Universities
Free Online Course ""Studying at Japanese Universities"" (MOOC)

Information for Japanese language

Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese Website
Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese
Learn Japanese anytime, anywhere
JF Japanese e-Learning Minato
"Learn Japanese anytime, anywhere."


In Japan, an increasing number of multinational and smaller companies are hiring international graduates of Japanese universities to work in Japan.
As they expand their operations abroad there is a growing need for a diverse and multicultural workforce for Japanese companies.
Please refer to the following websites.

Website for International Students by UTokyo
Website for International Students by UTokyo
METI Government of Japan
METI Government of Japan
Japan Internship Program
METI Government of Japan
METI Japan Internship Program Facebook
Job Hunting Guide for International Students by JASSO
Useful information for life after studying in Japan of foreigners who have studied as international students in Japan.