Why Japan?
These photos were taken on November, 2013.
These photos were taken on November, 2013.

Excellent universities:

Cutting-edge research environment boasting 27 Nobel Laureates and 3 Fields Medalists.

Lower tuition fees and generous scholarships:

Tuition fees at Japanese universities are significantly less than many other countries.
Generous scholarships provided by the Japanese Government, the universities, corporations and other organizations like the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) help to support the living expenses of the student.
For more information, please see these web site.

Cutting edge research in engineering, science and technology:

Japanese expertise in engineering, design and technology is well known.
Japan is a global leader in several niche fields from engineering, robotics and life science to astronautics and oceanography.
Also, some universities have been playing a pivotal role in various fields of the humanities.
In the address given at the 2015 Autumn Matriculation Ceremony, the President of the University of Tokyo mentioned the contributions by the faculty members making the University into a global hub for theoretical research on Buddhism.

Rich culture:

Mix of tradition and cutting edge technology; old and new; East and West; natural and artificial (animation).

Internship Programs between India and Japan

★ Programs for Overall Indian Students
★ Programs for the Students studying at specific IITs


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Information for Study in Japan

FAQ for Prospective Students:

Announcement from the Coordinator for Study in Japan

indian students as of 201705 3

Please see record for number of Indian students studying in Japan. Indian students most welcome. Taking UTokyo as an example, the number of students increased from 29 to 85 between May 2012 and May 2017.
Though the increase is pleasing, it is still not enough at all, compared to the 107,260 Chinese students in Japan (1,801 in UTokyo) as of May 2017and around 200,000 Indian students in the USA in 2016-17. We are expecting many more Indian students in Japan taking the size of the population in India.

Source: The Survey of International Students in Japan (JASSO)



There are more than 1,369 Japanese companies in India as of October, 2017. In addition to automobile companies, electronics firms, heavy machinery firms have also begun operations in India. Furthermore, there are a wide range of service firms from advertising to logistics. The Japanese Government is also providing official assistance to develop several infrastructure projects across India including the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Delhi Freight Corridor, Metro Rail and ring road projects and Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Railway. The Japanese Government is also involved with the development of the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H). The wide gamut of Japanese investment activities in India has created a demand for people who understand Japanese culture and technology. This need for skilled human capital will only increase in the years to come.


In Japan, an increasing number of multinational and smaller companies are hiring international graduates of Japanese universities to work in Japan. As they expand their operations abroad there is a growing need for a diverse and multicultural workforce for Japanese companies.



【Please refer to the following websites.】

Name Web Site
Job Hunting Guide for International Students by JASSO https://www.jasso.go.jp/en/ryugaku/after_study_j/job/guide.html
Website for International Students by UTokyo https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/adm/inbound/en/life-career.html
METI Government of Japan Japan Internship Program https://internshipprogram.go.jp/english/

Life as a student in Japan

Japan is both modern and also steeped in tradition – the latest technology and ancient crafts; buildings of modern design beside ancient temples; bustling cities and the idyllic countryside. This makes the experience of studying in Japan exciting and exceptional.

Through university clubs, a student can learn traditional Japanese painting, the art of animation, tea ceremony, martial arts, calligraphy, classical music and much more. Students can also take part in field trips around the country organized by the university.

Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and large cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are extremely safe and easy to get around with the excellent public transportation system. The bullet trains (Shinkansen) connect all parts of Japan, making travelling around the country an enjoyable experience.

International students dressed in yukata enjoying Japanese tea
International students dressed in yukata enjoying Japanese tea

Information for Japanese language

Name Web Site
Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese https://tsunagarujp.bunka.go.jp/?lang_id=EN
JF Japanese e-Learning Minato https://minato-jf.jp/