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This site introduces the activities of education and research projects adopted for the Global COE Program. For further information, there are links for the each project's website.

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We will introduce the achievements of leading young researchers.

Deciphering Biosphere from Genome Big Bang

Robustness and Compensation of Information Transmission of Signaling Pathways(2013.10. 18)

Project assistant professor, Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, School of Science
Shinsuke Uda

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Chemistry Innovation through Cooperation of Science and Engineering

Challenge to Develop Stable Materials that Exhibit Near-Infrared Light Absorption and Emission(2012.11. 29)

Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, School of Science
Hayato Tsuji

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Center of Education and Research for the Advanced Genome-Based Medicine

Detection of the Heterogeneous O-Glycosylation Profile of MT1-MMP Expressed in Cancer Cells by a Simple MALDI-MS Method (2012.04.09)

Division of Cancer Cell Research, Institute of Medical Science
Takuya Shuo., et al.

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