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Interdisciplinary, Combined Fields, New Disciplines

Nuclear Education and Research Initiative


We prepare next generation researchers to grasp the perspectives of complicated and divergent fields of nuclear energy in relation with society.

Dept. of Nuclear enginnering and Management, School of Engineering
Project Leader:
Prof. TANAKA, Satoru

Creation of a New Interdisciplinary and International Base for Biomedical Ethics Education and Research


Our center (UT-CBEL) will foster the next generation of biomedical ethics experts capable of providing international leadership in the future, and create a new interdisciplinary and international center for education and research in biomedical ethics.

Dept. of Health Sciences and Nursing, School of Medicine
Project Leader:

Medical System Innovation through Multidisciplinary Integration


In this COE program, a new educational system is to be established to train students who will lead the interdisciplinary field of medicine, engineering and pharmaceutical science, including the standpoint of practical application and industrialization.

Dept. of Bioengineering, School of Engineering
Project Leader:
Prof. KATAOKA, Kazunori

Deciphering Biosphere from Genome Big Ban


The recent revolution in genome sequencing called “Genome Big Bang” has accelerated the expansion of genome science research. Our goal is to establish a center of excellence for educating graduate students in high-throughput biology, bioinformatics and high-performance computing, so that they will be leaders in the era of the Genome Big Bang.

Dept. of Computational Biology, School of Frontier Sciences
Project Leader:
Prof. MORISHITA, Shinichi