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Message from the Vice President

We are grateful to have you in the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) alumni community.
In 2015, President Makoto Gonokami launched a new strategic plan, The University of Tokyo: Vision 2020 , which outlines the objectives of the University during his 6-year tenure as president. Its basic principles are embodied in the phrase “Synergy between Excellence and Diversity – Acting as a Global Base for Knowledge Collaboration,” and its action plan embraces a reinforcement of alumni networks, strengthening relationships and cooperation with the University.
In accordance with this vision, we will make our utmost effort to expand and enrich our alumni network on a global scale. To realize this vision, support from alumni is vital. Internationalization of education and nurturing personnel who will play an important role in the global environment are highly prioritized. In order to realize these objectives, we would like all alumni to support UTokyo students currently studying abroad in your country, and to accept UTokyo students into the “Hands-on Activity Programs” from which students are able to get valuable experiences in off-campus environments. It is also crucial to have the assistance of collaboration between industry and academia so that the University will be able to give back to society its academic findings and achievements.
I also hope every alumni will benefit from the network through its programs as well as the human relationships generated from the network. The alumni associations in core cities abroad are increasing year by year. Your participation in an alumni association back in your home country is quite recommended.
Here on this site, we will show you how our alumni networks are organized and what is happening in the networks. It would give us great delight if you feel closer to the University and gain inspiration from our site.

Teruo Fujii
Executive Vice President
The University of Tokyo
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