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National Health Insurance

No matter how healthy you consider yourself to be, everyone can be vulnerable to unexpected sickness or injury. National Health Insurance, commonly known as "Kokuho" in Japan, is a medical insurance system where the national government, local governments and individuals share the medical expenses; therefore, every insured person can receive treatment without incurring a significant financial burden. Every international student who lives in Japan for over three months is required to enroll in the National Health Insurance system, and voluntary withdrawal is not permitted. Please enroll at the National Health Insurance section of the municipal or ward office at which your address is registered. When filing an application, you will need to present your Resident Card. A National Health Insurance Card will be issued to you at a later date. The monthly premium varies depending on the municipality and your income from the previous year. The more income you earned with a part-time job in the previous year, the higher the premium you will be required to pay. However, a premium reduction plan may be available. For further information, please visit the National Health Insurance section of your municipal or ward office. Present your National Insurance Card when receiving treatment or medication at a medical institution, and you will need to pay only 30% of the total cost of treatment or medication covered by the Health Insurance Act.

Joining the National Health Insurance System

Students and Staff C must join the National Health Insurance at their municipal office after completing alien registration. Any family members living in the same household will be registered together. Accordingly, the entry of their names should be confirmed on the National Health Insurance Card when it is issued. A Resident Card (or Alien Registration Card) is necessary to apply for enrollment.
[Required Documents]
Resident Card (or Alien Registration Card)
A National Health Insurance Card will be issued immediately upon application. This card should be shown at hospitals whenever receiving medical examinations.

Medical Costs and Premiums


Receiving Medical Care without an Insurance Card


Receiving Reimbursements for High Medical Expenses