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November 17, 2016

1. Outline

Student exchange (outbound) is a program in which a student in a regular course of the University of Tokyo is given the educational opportunity to take courses or receive academic advice at an overseas university with which the University of Tokyo has concluded a memorandum on university-wide student exchange (hereinafter referred to as “partner university”) for a semester or for several semesters in a one year period, while remaining enrolled at the University of Tokyo.

During the exchange period, tuition at the partner university will not be levied but payment to the University of Tokyo of the tuition specified by the University of Tokyo is required. The period of enrollment while studying abroad shall be counted in the period necessary for completion of the University of Tokyo. (The status during the study-abroad period shall not be “Leave of Absence” but “Study Abroad” or “Receiving Entrusted Research Guidance.”)

At the partner university, credits shall be granted when specified requirements are satisfied. Whether or not such credits are approved as credits of the University of Tokyo shall be determined by each Faculty/Graduate School (hereinafter referred to as “affiliation”), therefore advance consulting with the relevant section of the affiliation you belong to at the time of going abroad is necessary.

* The University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP) refers to the student exchange programs under a university-wide student-exchange agreement (memorandum) administered by the Division of International Affairs. These guidelines are for recruiting candidate students for these programs. If you are interested in an exchange program at a partner university under a student-exchange agreement (memorandum) administered by each Faculty/Graduate School, contact the relevant section of the affiliation you belong to for information about the application procedure, etc.

2. Partner Universities (exchanges administered by the Division of International Affairs)

* Information sheets are uploaded only if they are provided by our partner universities. Please note that there are some partner universities which don’t make information sheets for their exchange programs. Also, please check the latest information by yourself on the website of each partner university since some information written on the information sheets might be old. Please also note that some partner universities are not available for application on this additional call. The information sheets of such universities have been left for reference purposes only.
Country/Region Partner University Information Sheet
Taiwan National Chiao Tung University 19-JAN-2017updated
National Taiwan University 29-SEP-2017updated
China Shanghai Jiao Tong University 29-JAN-2016updated
Tsinghua University 14-JUL-2016updated
Nankai University 24-OCT-2016updated
Nanjing University 30-AUG-2016updated
Fudan University 30-AUG-2016updated
Peking University 13-SEP-2017updated
Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong 22-MAR-2017updated
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) 2-MAY-2017updated
Indonesia Gadjah Mada University (TBC) 22-AUG-2016updated
Republic of Korea Korea University 10-APR-2017updated
Seoul National University 17-NOV-2017updated
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) 7-FEB-2018updated
Yonsei University 8-FEB-2018updated
Malaysia University of Malaya 18-MAR-2016updated
The Philippines University of the Philippines 18-APR-2017updated
Singapore National University of Singapore 10-MAR-2017updated
Nanyang Technological University 13-SEP-2017updated
Thailand Chulalongkorn University 26-JAN-2017updated
Brazil University of São Paulo 16-NOV-2016updated
Chile University of Chile 23-SEP-2016updated
The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 2015updated
Mexico El Colegio de Mexico 11-APR-2017updated
National Autonomous University of Mexico(UNAM) 2-MAY-2017updated
Canada University of Toronto 13-SEP-2017updated
University of Victoria  20-OCT-2017updated
University of British Columbia 31-OCT-2017updated
McGill University 31-OCT-2017updated
United States of America Yale University (Fox International Fellowship Program) 2012updated
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign 27-JAN-2016updated
Johns Hopkins University -
Swarthmore College -
Northeastern University 20-OCT-2017updated
Princeton University 13-SEP-2017updated
University of Washington 30-AUG-2016updated
Australia The University of Adelaide 17-OCT-2017updated
Australian National University 7-MAR-2018updated
The University of Queensland 25-JUL-2017updated
The University of Sydney 8-MAR-2017updated
University of New South Wales 13-NOV-2017updated
The University of Melbourne 3-JUL-2017updated
Monash University 13-SEP-2017updated
New Zealand University of Auckland 26-SEP-2017updated
University of Otago 21-APR-2017updated
Denmark University of Copenhagen 10-APR-2017 updated
Finland University of Helsinki 4-JAN-2018updated
France École Polytechnique 13-SEP-2017updated
Universite Grenoble Alpes 7-FEB-2018updated
EHESS (École des hautes édudes en sciences sociales) 5-MAR-2018updated
Strasbourg University 13-NOV-2017updated
Paris Institute of Political Studies 2015updated
Germany University of Cologne 15-MAY-2017updated
Free University of Berlin 24-JAN-2018updated
Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich 28-SEP-2017updated
Ireland Trinity College Dublin 27-OCT-2017updated
University College Dublin 25-JUL-2017updated
Italy Sapienza University of Rome 20-OCT-2017updated
The Netherlands University of Groningen 2-MAR-2018updated
Leiden University 12-SEP-2017updated
Russia St. Petersburg State University 18-JUL-2017updated
Spain Universidad Autónoma de Madrid  17-OCT-2017updated
Sweden Uppsala University 7-FEB-2018updated
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 10-MAR-2017updated
Stockholm University 9-FEB-2018updated
Lund University 29-SEP-2017updated
University of Geneva 16-OCT-2017updated
ETH Zurich 15-SEP-2017updated
United Kingdom University of Warwick 11-APR-2017updated
University of Exeter 24-MAR-2017updated
University of Glasgow 2-MAY-2017updated
University of Southampton 1-MAR-2017updated
The University of Sheffield 29-MAR-2016updated
Durham University 1-FEB-2018updated
University College London 2015updated
SOAS, University of London 2015updated

3. Application Information


【Closed】Call for Applications: USTEP AY2018-2019 (late departure 2018)
*Next application period will open at the end of April 2018.


Reference: Internal Screening Schedule (Provisional) for AY2018-2019 (late departure 2018) updated 09/07/2017

Application Guidelines (AY2018-2019)

- Application Guidelines for Candidate Students (AY2018-2019, late departure 2018)
- Appendix (List of partner universities)   (last update 12/13) 
 - Appendix (Applications for Partner Universities with Non-Standard Academic Calendars) (updated 10/10)
  *Especially, if you are applying for UNSW or University of Washington, please read it carefully.

* Deadline of submission of applications from students to affiliation varies depending on affiliation. Check with the relevant section of your affiliation.
<Relevant sections in each Faculty/Graduate School>
* Information and document submission requirements may change without notice. Please check this website for the latest information.
* If you have any inquiries about partner universities, please contact them through the Faculty/Graduate School you belong to. (Please do not contact partner universities directly.)

Submission items

- Application Forms (MS Excel file)
   (a) Internal Application Form,
   (b) Grading Coefficient Calculation Table,
   (c) Confirmation of Intention to Receive Scholarship
- Oath
- Language Proficiency Evaluation Specified Form (* If applicable)  


Application Documents Checklist

Partner Universities’ Information  

[Reference] USTEP Information on Partner Universities (last update:12/13)
*Host universities have different schedules for updating their application information, so please make sure that you check this information sheet, factsheet, and their own website.

4. Q&A

Q. (FAQ will be updated here)

A. (FAQ will be updated here)
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