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2nd UTokyo Environment, Safety & Health Slogan Contest (Environmental Safety Group)

April 17, 2018

1. Purpose

There were approximately 300 accidents and disasters reported at the University during AY 2017. The Division of Environment, Health and Safety carries out work on health and safety issues so that all members of the University can work and study in a safe environment. This call for an environment, safety and health slogan is a continuation from last year's contest, which was an effort to increase University members' safety awareness by encouraging them to carry out simple activities such as observing safety rules or improving safety manners.

2. Organizers

Division for Environment, Health and Safety

3. Eligibility

All members of this University

4. Application Process

  • There are no restrictions on the number of slogans that one applicant can submit.
  • Please submit your slogans using the following Google Form stating your name, affiliation, year or job title, phone number or extension number and e-mail address.
  • Applications are limited to your own previously unpublished work. However, slogans submitted in the first contest that did not receive an award may be submitted.
  • All rights, including the copyright of the prize winner’s work, shall belong to the University of Tokyo.
  • All personal information concerning the applications will be managed by the University of Tokyo and will only be used as necessary for selection and commendation.

5. Submission Deadline

Monday, 28 May, 2018

6. Prizes

President’s Award (1), ESH Executive Vice President’s Award (1), ESH Director General’s Award (multiple)

7. Results Announcement
  • Notification: by e-mail on June 18
  • Presentation: During the UTokyo Safety Day Lecture on July 3rd

8. Contact Information

Google Form →

Contact: Safety Planning Team, Environmental Safety Group  EX: 21051   E-mail:  

※When sending an e-mail, please begin the subject with “SLOGAN.”

Accepting submissions/applications

Intended for
Enrolled students / International students

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