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Japan in Today's World

“Japan in Today’s World” course will give an overview of modern Japan with emphasis on the works of the political system, including political parties, civil service, elections, and foreign relations with China, US, Korea, as well as Japan’s role in international political economy. Along with those introductory classes, we will hold workshops on topics such as Territorial Disputes and Nationalism, where participants are encouraged to make contributions in the discussion with invited specialists.

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Program Period

July 2 to July 13 (as of January 2020)

Target Audience

☑Bachelor students ☑Master students ☑PhD students
The course is open to anybody who has a strong interest in the topic and the will to acquire new knowledge.
No specific background on Japan studies or political science is required, but participants must be prepared to complete assigned readings that are provided prior to the course.

Delivery Method

All classes will start with an introductory lecture by an instractor of the UT who is a specialist in the topic of the session. The lecture will be followed by discussion and interactive instructions.  All classes will be held in the late afternoon of each day.  As the course coordinators would like to tailor the course to the participants’ interest, nominees will be requested to provide a list of three questions about Japan that they wish to learn about during this course.


Submisssion of essay (Subject to change)

Lecture Themes

This is an introductory course, and this will not offer in-depth analyse of Japanese society. Our purpose is otherwise; to stimulate your intellectual curiosity toward Japanese society, politics and an intellectual appetite which may lead you to further studies in this field.


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