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Overview of IARU GSP

Welcome to IARU Global Summer Program (GSP)! - an exciting learning experience that connects university students with outstanding peers from around the world. Choose from a suite of intensive short courses hosted by eleven of the world's leading research-intensive universities.

IARU Member Universities

Students at the following eleven of the world's leading research-intensive universities (IARU Member Universities) can participate in IARU GSP.


GSP courses are designed for students drawn from IARU member institutions who, through learning together in the classroom, form an international community of young scholars who also learn from and about each other.

Participants will gain new perspectives, often leading to research in a specific field and most go on to do their graduate studies, perhaps at a partner IARU institution. Through a mix of lectures, tutorials, peer interaction as well as field trips, participants become a part of a great association of students and faculty, leveraging on what the Alliance of universities can offer.

Classes are rigorous and intense as they are designed for the best students from IARU institutions, who will come together to explore and discuss challenges of the 21 Century that most often require multi-disciplinary approaches. These courses are in line with IARU's commitment to grooming future leaders of nations and industries.

Tackle the major challenges of the 21st century

GSP students have the opportunity to explore the most urgent challenges and opportunities for humanity in the 21st century. Issues explored range from international environmental policy, contemporary Asian development to global leadership.

Work with outstanding peers from around the globe

GSP students are the best of the best. You will have the opportunity to study with the most talented, motivated people at some of the world's top universities. By bringing together students and faculty from different countries and cultures, the courses offer a truly global perspective on key contemporary issues.

Live and learn intensively, at a foreign university

The GSP is a residential program, experienced over three to five weeks at an IARU member university. Students will be immersed in learning in a variety of settings, both formal and informal; from lectures and classes to tutorials and field visits, from student panels and debates to intense discussions over breakfast.

Learn about research from top professors

All IARU universities are research-intensive. The GSP is designed to give students the opportunity to learn from professors who are both leading researchers and teachers. Students will enhance their research skills by conducting independent research and writing papers, conducting field-based observation, participating in team research projects and by becoming part of an unique global alumni network of the best students from the world's top research universities.

Scholarships and financial aid may be available, depending on the university.

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