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Sustainable Urban Management

Instructor: Associate Professor Kiyo KURISU

“Sustainable Urban Management” course provides basic knowledge of civil engineering, architecture and urban engineering in the context of sustainable urban management. Planning and management are taught on the building, urban and national scale.

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Program Period

June 22 to July 3 (as of October 2019)

Target Audience

☑Bachelor students ☑Master students ☑PhD students
Primarily aimed at undergraduate students, although graduate students may apply on the understanding that the program is basically designed for undergraduates.
Students from non-engineering fields are also welcome.

Lecture Themes

1. Urban Engineering aspects

- Technologies to ensure Sustainable Water Management
- Measures to ensure Sustainable Environmental Management
- Urban Planning in Fast Growing Cities in Asia
- Urban Planning and Community Development in Japan

2. Architectural aspects

- Building Material in Developing Countries
- Universal design and accessibility studies in Japan
- Earthquake Hazard and Timber Houses in Japan
- Future of Architecture in the end of Modern Ages

3. Civil Engineering aspects

- Coordination between Urban Planning and River Management
~Case of Arasaki district, Gifu Prefecture, Japan~
- Application of geo-spatial technologies for sustainable urban management in Asian megacities
- Monitoring of infrastructure and its condition assessment

*A half-day excursion related to the lectures (“Study Visit”) will be organized as a part of the course.


Your grade is determined based on a short quiz given in each class (12 in total). Attendance of at least 8 classes is required unless you obtain special permission in advance. Grades will be given as A+, A, B, C or Failure.


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