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Life in Tokyo


     You can purchase your daily necessities at supermarkets and other retail stores. Most shops put many items on sale, and discount some food near closing time each day. In addition, 100-yen shops and discount stores offer all sorts of merchandise at very low prices, so consider shopping at them to conserve your finances.

     Nearly all convenience stores are open 24 hours every day, so you turn to them when you need buy something late at night.

Prices in Tokyo

     Tokyo has the highest level of prices in Japan, a country that is known as one of the world's most expensive places to live. The table below lists the average price of some necessities, so refer to it when budgeting your living expenses.
(Source: Nov. 2013 survey by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

Item Unit Average Price
Rice (blended) 5 kg ¥2,224
Bread 1 loaf (340 grams) around ¥150
Milk 1 liter ¥215
Butter 200 g ¥390
Eggs 1 carton (10 eggs) ¥228
Oranges 1 kg ¥403
Potatoes 1 kg ¥298
Boxed meal (rice, fish, etc.) 1 ¥523
Egg salad sandwich 100 g ¥180
Cola 500 ml ¥95
Toilet paper 1 case (12 rolls) ¥233
Toothbrush 1 ¥102
Laptop computer 1 ¥181,600
Music CD 1 ¥3,000
Newspaper subscription 1 month ¥3,250
Movie ticket 1 ¥1,800 or ¥1,500 with student discount