Current Students
Current Students

Requirements for Leaving Japan

Students must complete the following 5 steps before leaving Japan. Failure to complete them may result in the late arrival of your transcripts to your home university.

1) Fill out your return flight details and contact information using the following website: “Return Flight and Contact Info”

2) Return your Student ID card to either the USTEP Office or the International Center Komaba Office

3) Return your National Health Insurance Card to the City/Ward Office where you live
*This can be done within 2 weeks prior to your departure.

4) Close your bank account at your bank branch (Banks are open weekdays 9AM to 3PM.)
*Bring your bank book, cash card, and stamp (Signature is also fine.). If you cannot speak Japanese, take someone who can speak Japanese.

5) Hand in your Residence Card at the passport control of the international airport when you leave

 《For JASSO scholarship recipients》 *IMPORTANT!*
JASSO scholarship recipients must submit the following 2 documents in addition to the above.

1) Form H-2 --- Completion Report of Student Exchange Support Program 
→ Submit to the USTEP Office in person  (*Signature required.)

2) Form H-3 --- Questionnaire
→ Submit to the USTEP Office by email

*The relevant forms will be sent to you by email.
*If you leave Japan before the payment date of your scholarship, you will not be able to receive your last month’s payment.