Current Students

Current StudentsCurrent Students

University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP) Type U

This page is for current USTEP-Type U students (USTEP = the University-wide Student Exchange Program, TYPE U = Undergraduate) and successful candidates to the program. USTEP-Type U students will be affiliated to the "Division of International Affairs" during their study at the University of Tokyo.

1. Registration of Residence

2. Information on Courses
▸ Course Registration
▸ Japanese Language Courses
▸ Academic Manners
▸ Inquiries
▸ Education Programs

3. Certificates and Related Matters
▸ Certificates for Commuting and Travel Discounts for Students
▸ Certificates of Enrollment and Academic Transcripts

4. Life in Japan
▸ JASSO Scholarships
▸ Part-time Jobs and Internships
▸ Warnings
▸ Temporary Leave

5. Requirements for Leaving Japan

6. FAQ

For other information about life in Japan and general services available at UTokyo, please refer to the “Current Students” page.
*Please note that the contents of “Tuition and Scholarships”, “Studying Japanese”, and “UTokyo Go Global” are not applicable to USTEP-Type U students.