Publishing OA in HSS Journals with Cambridge University Press

We have Mr. Daniel Pearce, the publishing director for Cambridge University Press, Humanities and Social Science Journals.
Daniel is responsible for the editorial strategy for Cambridge University Press’s portfolio of 260 peer review journals in the humanities and social sciences. He has worked in university press publishing for fifteen years, collaborating with a wide range of learned societies and academic institutions to develop journals that serve the humanities and social science community and seek to raise the profile, accessibility, and impact of research in these fields.

As we all know, Open Access is a widespread topic for Scientific, Technological and Medical Journals. Authors in this area are more familiar with why they should publish in OA and how to publish in OA too.
We invite Daniel to speak on these topics in the session but with humanities and social sciences journals in mind. Why should authors in humanities and social sciences publish in OA? Are there any benefits for me as an author? What are the common misperceptions of open access? Finally, Daniel will also touch on why humanities and social sciences authors should publish their works with Cambridge University Press and how easy the process can be.