Finding Support and Seminars

Finding Support and Seminars

Information on support and seminars for writing and submitting papers in English
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UTokyo Seminar Information List

UTokyo Seminar Information List

A large number of online and on-campus seminars are given regularly.
We hope you will make active use of these.
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    Recordings of English Paper Writing/Submission Seminars
    The recordings of English Paper Writing/Submission Seminars are available. 
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    English Paper Writing/Submission Seminar & Workshop
    Day 1: 2022/10/31 Day 2: 2022/11/7 Day 3: 2022/11/11 Day 4: 2022/11/15
    English Paper Writing/Submission Seminar and Workshop will be held online by academic editing service. For the detailed information and registration, please refer to the attached flyer. 
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    Publishing OA in HSS Journals with Cambridge University Press
    Why should authors in humanities and social sciences publish in OA?
  • Advance application required
    Publishing in Nature Portfolio journals
    What takes a paper from new submission to an accepted article?
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    Nature Research Academies
    2022/02/28 - 2022/03/04
    Webinars on writing & publishing scientific papers will be held by Springer Nature. Please join to the webinars to learn "effective academic writing" and/or "logical manuscript structure", and so on.

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  • ERIC provides writing tips and feedback on scientific English publications and career documents for UTokyo students and staff.
  • A gateway to searching for academic information such as literature references