Nature Masterclasses "Impressive Academic Presentations"

Nature Masterclasses
Learn how to give poster and oral presentations in English and participate in international conferences with confidence. 1st day will be lecture style, 2nd day will be work style with limited number of participants.

[Day 1] March 18 1:00PM-5:00PM
Venue: Faculty of Science Bld.1 (East) 279 Classroom(Sky Lecture Room) 
Capacity: 150
Program: Planning your narrative / Poster presentations / Slide presentations

[Day 2] March 19 9:00AM-12:00AM
Venue: Administration Bureau 12F
Capacity: 30
Attendees will need to come with three prepared slides (an introduction slide, a figure/data slide, and a conclusion slide) on their laptop computer to be used in the activity.
Program: Professional presentation skills / Presentation activity

Open to
Academic staff, research fellows, doctoral and master's course students of UTokyo

Jeffrey Robens, Ph.D 
(Head of Community Engagement and Lead Trainer, Nature Portfolio)