Recordings of English Paper Writing/Submission Seminars

The recordings of English Paper Writing/Submission Seminars are available. 

Open to
Academic staff, research fellows, students of UTokyo

Day 1120min     Day1 is available until November 1, 2023
   How to write an academic paper [1] 
     • Manuscript structure 
     • How to paraphrase sentences 
     • How to avoid common errors in grammar (verbs, tenses, and word choice) 
Day 2>  90min     Day2 is available until November 8, 2023
   How to write an academic paper [2] 
     • How to write the problem statement in your research paper 
     • How to write an effective result and discussion section 
Day 3>  90min     Day3 is available until November 12, 2023
   How to respond to the journal reviewer comments 
     • How to write a journal article and impress editors to increase your chances of acceptance 
     • How to respond to the reviewer's comment effectively 
Day 4>  50min     Day4 is available until November 16, 2023
   How to write an abstract and/or cover letter

Monika Sobocan
Cactus Communications, Trainer, MD

Registration form
<Day 1> https://forms.office.com/r/4Ma85Sk39X 
<Day 2> https://forms.office.com/r/c5q4vyfvPW 
<Day 3> https://forms.office.com/r/rpsu0QChSk
<Day 4> https://forms.office.com/r/Jkm3XhaBNJ 
If you plan to attend multiple days, please register for each.
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