Oval shaped woody place designed ideally for inner room academic communication allowing anyone in the room to see and discuss each other.
Very warm and gentle atmosphere, natural light from two top light windows.


Equipped with the most advanced Active Field Control System enabling professional music sound, as well as complete acoustic isolation for quietness.

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Ito Hall technical list

Area 412.71 sp.m.
Seat 396(with desks), MAX489(w/o desks)
Anteroom a. 17.89sq.m.  b. 24.85 sq.m.
Foyer 389.95 sq.m.
AOB 1 Interpreter`s room, Cloak space
Visual Audio
Projector 12,000 lm *3
Screen Main: 220" or 2 Subs:200"*2
P/B system PC, DVD, Blueray, VHS
External input PC *4, Composite *1
Operation touch panel
Recorder Moving camera *2, HDD/DVD recoder
Audio YAMAHA Active Filed Control Sysytem
Microphone 40 units, telephone conference unit

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Seat Arrangement


396席レイアウト 489席レイアウト
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Floor Layout

平土間21席レイアウト 平土間33席レイアウト 平土間41席レイアウト
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Stage Layout

シンポジウム形式 講演会形式
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