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All our Japanese language courses are only open to international students and researchers who are affiliated with the University of Tokyo. Their spouses are also eligible to enroll in some of the Japanese language courses.

To UTokyo International Students and Researchers

Q: What kind of Japanese Language courses are offered at UTokyo?

A: Please search from the following link:

Q: Are all Japanese language courses taught in Japanese?

A: Yes. However, some of the beginner level courses are taught in English. If you have zero-level in Japanese skills, please don't be worried. All our Japanese Language instructors are professionals in Japanese language teaching and you will have a fruitful learning experiences regardless of level.

Q: I'd like to see the course syllabus.

A: Some course syllabus are posted on the programs' websites. Please check each program's website or ask directly.

Q: Do you offer an individual tutoring session?

A: Many Japanese language programs offer an individual tutoring sessions for international students (by appointment only). Please contact the Japanese Language programs for information.

Q: Is there e-Learning I can use at home?

A: Please go to the e-Learning page:

Q: UTokyo offers a variety of Japanese language programs. What are the differences?

A: The programs vary by campus, classroom building, course level · contents, and etc. Some courses are designed for students/researchers to learn technical terminology in their own area of research. Please check the differences from the following page.

Q: I do not know which course will match my Japanese level.

A: Instructors from each program will assist in choosing the proper course. Please contact the program you are interested in.

Q: Can I take more than one course in the semester?

A: Yes. However, you may need to consult with your academic advisor regarding how much time you can spend for Japanese language learning while conducting your research.

Q: I'd like to consult with someone regarding choosing courses.

A: Instructors from each program will assist you in choosing the proper course. Please contact the program you are interested in.

Q: Do you offer Credit-courses for Japanese language?

A: Yes. UTokyo offers credit and non-credit Japanese language courses. Please check the website.

Q: I am an exchange student at UTokyo. I am wondering if the credits I earned from Japanese language courses at UTokyo can be transferable to my home univeristy.

A: Please consult with your home university to see how those credits would be counted and whether the courses you wish to take would be transferable.

Q: Can I obtain a certificate for the completion of Non-credit course?

A: It depends on the programs. Some programs issue a certificate. Please ask the Japanese language programs.

Q: I am intersted in taking the Intensive course offered by Center for Japanese Language Education. Can I apply for the course from other Japanese language programs?

A: No, you cannot. Each program has a different application process and online application is available for most of the courses. Please check the program's website for the application process.

Q: My family members want to learn Japanese. Where can they learn Japanese?

A: The spouses of the international students and researchers who are affiliated with UTokyo are eligible to enroll in some of the Japanese language courses.
Also, please refer to the "family support" page from our website for International Students.

General Questions

Q: Do you have a degree program to study Japanese as a foreign language?

A: No.

Q: Are there any Japanese-English translation or Teaching Japanese as a Second Language programs at UTokyo?

A: No.

Q: Do you have a degree program to study Japanese Language, Japanese Literature, or Japanese Culture?

A: For those who are interested in learning Japanese Literature or Japanese Culture in Japanese, please check the list of our faculties/graduate schools from the following link:

Q: I am a university student overseas. Are there any short-term Japanese language programs that I can take during the summer vacation?

A: UTokyo offers the various short-term programs for undergraduates and graduate students from other universities to participate in. In some of the programs, Japanese language courses are offered as an option, but not as a core course.

To Japanese Students and People from Neighboring Communities

Q: I would like to volunteer to teach Japanese to international students. Are there any groups or organizations that I can join?

A: Please refer to Support JLE on the UTokyo page.


If you have any question concerning course contents, schedules, and eligibility, please visit the program's website and contact the specific units directly.

For additional information, please complete and submit the contact form to the International Support Group(Open a new window).