Japanese Language Education Programs

Japanese Language Teaching at the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo offers 10 different Japanese Language Programs for our international students and researchers. Each program develops its own unique characteristics based on the students’ needs and their learning goals.

The courses offered by the Japanese Language Education Division, Center for Global Education (Center for Japanese Language Education) are widely open to international students and researchers regardless of their affiliated schools/departments.

Besides the Japanese Language Education Division, Center for Global Education (Center for Japanese Language Education), seven Graduate Schools/ Faculties/Departments, including the School of Engineering, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology/Faculty of Letters, and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, offer Japanese Language Programs on Hongo Campus. They plan the course contents for students to promote their cultural understandings and to facilitate their own research.

The College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on Komaba Campus arrange the Japanese language courses depending on the students’ affiliated program and status. Courses are individually offered for PEAK, KOMSTEP, USTEP (Type U), Junior Division (matriculated in April), and research students. The Komaba Research Campus (Komaba II) also offers Japanese language courses for international students, researchers, and their spouses.

On Kashiwa Campus, the International Liaison Office of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences offers Japanese language programs for international students, researchers, and their spouses.

Eligibility varies depending on the program. In some programs, eligibility is limited by the students’ affiliated school, status, and category, while other programs are broadly open to foreign researchers and the spouses as well as international students

As for the course contents, UTokyo’s Japanese language courses cover wide range of language levels from Beginner to Superior as well as different course periods from short-term to semester-long courses. There are 2 types of courses: (1) Skill-based courses, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and (2) courses integrating those 4 skills. UTokyo aims to provide students with effective learning environments for Japanese language education. Please see the list of Japanese Language Education Programs.

Short-term Programs

UTokyo does not hold summer programs which offer only Japanese language courses. However, there are a variety of short-term programs held for non-UTokyo students. In some of the programs, Japanese language courses are offered as an optional course to take. Please see the list of the Short-term programs.