Study in Japan Global Network Project in Southwest Asia(2019~2023)

The aim of the project established by MEXT is to promote studying in Japan in order to attract the region's excellent students to higher education and research in Japan on behalf of all of Japan through collaborations and networking between the overseas regional offices and participating stakeholders. We set up the offices in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, in addition to the office in India, for this purpose.

Japan India Exchange Platform Program(2017~2021)

This project was selected to run from 2017 to 2021 under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology's "Inter-University Exchange Project Platform Building Program (India)". Its aim was to establish a network that spans institutions and universities engaged in Japan-India exchange projects. By sharing diverse information horizontally, the program aimed to create a platform that fosters new exchanges with Japanese and Indian universities and companies, fostering sustainable and robust Japan-India relations.  

While the funding from MEXT ended in 2021, activities continue through various events and India-Japan exchange initiatives, including the organization of Japan-India exchange related forums with participating universities. 

Study in Japan Coordinator Project(2014~2018)

Amid the further globalization of society and economy, and the intensifying competition for the acquisition of international students on a global scale, the "Japan Revitalization Strategy" decided in a Cabinet meeting in June 2013, states that Japan should achieve the goal of the plan to accept 300,000 international students by 2020. Furthermore, the report "Strategies for Accepting International Students to Take Advantage of Global Growth", which was established in December 2013, presents priority areas that are expected to particularly contribute to the further development of Japan. Based on this, MEXT commenced the Study in Japan Coordinator Project in FY2014 to deploy Study in Japan Coordinators, who serve as playmakers in encouraging international students to come and study in Japan, as an all-Japan initiative across various organizations. In 2014, the University of Tokyo was appointed as the Study in Japan Coordinator Project in India with the task of attracting excellent Indian students to study in Japan.