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Humanities and Social Sciences Research Promotion Project

The UTokyo BiblioPlaza bookshelf is a digital learning platform that allows access to research conducted by the University of Tokyo’s faculty members, and the diverse knowledge base that is being produced and expanded at the university. It was established with the aim of conveying the quality and diversity of research carried out at the university to students who are unsure about which area to specialize in, as well as to those in Japan and abroad who will be carrying the next generation forward. The results of many years of learning can often be embodied in one thick book. The basic format for each publication comprises a personal commentary written by the authors themselves accompanied by the contents and an image of the book cover. Bibliographic information is provided so that users wishing to read the physical book can find it in one of the libraries at the University of Tokyo, or purchase it from the publishing company. Readers can make full use of the online resources by perusing, speed reading, browsing, skim reading, or even doing a cross-search to find the resources they are looking for.

The information of the authors listed on the site are based on the year of listing.
UTokyo BiblioPlaza is a registered trademark of The University of Tokyo.