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IARU Global Cross Disciplinary Tournament (IARU GXT) "The Future of Media"



(2013.02.20 update)





Before applying to this program please read the “Common Application Guideline for Very-Short-Term Study Abroad Programs (administered by Division of International Affairs)” in addition to this guideline.


1.概要 Overview 

IARU Global Cross Disciplinary Tournament(以下IARU GXT)は、IARU加盟大学の学生により主催されるプログラムで、特定のテーマ(2013年は‘The Future of Media”)について、チームに分かれてのオンライン上での事前調査プロジェクト、及びIARU加盟大学(2013年は北京大学)での講義・フィールドワーク等により、シンポジウムで成果を発表するもので、以下のフェーズに分かれている。


IARU Global Cross Disciplinary Tournament (IARU GXT) is a program hosted by IARU member universities. The program has a specified theme, (the theme for 2013 is ‘the Future of Media’) that will be pursued online as a team through preliminary research projects along with lectures/field works held at IARU member universities (for 2013, it will be held at Peking University). The findings will be presented at a symposium. The details of the phases are as follows.


-Selection Phase is conducted by all universities and involves selecting a specified number of delegates for the tournament.

-Development Phase follows after the selection by partner universities has been completed. Delegates will be grouped into teams with students with different cultural and academic backgrounds to achieve a dynamic cross-cultural emphasis.

-Residential Phase involves delegates arriving from their respective universities to meet at the host university over a period of 10 days to attend lectures, field work and public symposium.


2. 開催地 Venue

 北京大学(Peking University)


3.開催期間 Program Duration

July 10th, 2013—July 19th, 2013 (Residential Phase)


4.テーマ Theme

In 2013, the theme is ‘the Future of Media”. In cross-university, cross-disciplinary teams, participants will design a ‘catalyst for change’ addressing a specific issue on the topic. This catalyst could be anything: a computer program, a research proposal, or a short film. Participants will work together over the internet for 5 weeks before coming together at PKU for the Residential Phase. Over ten days of living on campus, participants will explore a multitude of disciplinary, cultural and community perspectives on the topic while developing their team projects. The week culminates in a final presentation to key decision makers in relevant fields.


5.募集人数 Capacity

 Five students


6. 参加資格 Eligibility Criteria



(2)Participants should be:

·Fluent in English

·Committed to the development phase, which stars in late April/early May

(3)必要な英語能力は、TOEFL iBT 80~100、IELTS 6.5~7.5(アカデミック・モジュール)を目安とする。


学内選考は成績や志望理由等も含めて総合的に行われるため、目安に満たない場合でも申請は妨げないが、有効期限内のTOEFL iBT はまたはIELTS(アカデミック・モジュール)のスコアの提出は必須とする。TOEICスコア等上記以外の英語能力検定試験による応募は認めない。

(4)IARU GXTでは、実施大学から単位は付与されない。本学の学業と両立が可能な場合のみ参加すること。


Students must satisfy all the criteria below.

 (1)  Students must satisfy all the criteria listed in Section 1 Eligibility Criteria of the “Common Application Guideline for Very-Short-Term Study Abroad Programs (administered by Division of International Affairs)”.

 (2)  Participants should be:

•Fluent in English

•Committed to the development phase, which stars in late April/early May.

  (3)  Students must have sufficient English language ability to participate. The expected range required is TOEFL iBT 80-100, IELTS 6.5-7.5 (Academic Module)

*A high level of proficiency in English required.

*The internal screening is conducted comprehensively and includes the assessment of past academic performance and the application forms. Students who do not satisfy the English score target will not be prohibited from applying to IARU GXT; however, submission of TOEFL iBT or IELTS scores (within their validity period) is required. TOEIC and other English language ability assessment cannot be submitted as a substitute.

 (4)  Participants will not receive any academic credits for the IARU GXT from the host institution. Please only participate if you are confident that you can manage your academic obligations at the University of Tokyo and IARU GXT program at the same time.


7.費用 Cost

Airfares and insurance must be paid by the participants themselves. Accommodation, food and transportation costs in Beijing will be funded by PKU Office of International Relations.



* Scholarships may be offered by the University of Tokyo or other foundations. Students who wish to apply for scholarships must fill in the appropriate section of the application form. Financial support of a monthly value of JPY 60,000 is being looked at, but the availability and amount of the scholarships will be determined subject to the procurement of resources.


8.応募締切  Application Deadline 


※学内選考を行うため、IARU GXTの資料に記載されている締切日とは異なるので注意すること。



Around late-February to early-March

(The deadline for submission depends on your faculty or graduate school. Please check with the relevant office of faculty/graduate school.)

* Please note that the deadline at the University of Tokyo differs from the deadline on the IARU GXT materials.

List of relevant offices in faculty and graduate schools: