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Short online programs provided by the partner institutions are now available on 'Direct Application Programs' page. NEW


Suspension of Go Global Scholarships: 1st Call for the 2020 Short-term Study Abroad Scholarship NEW


Application Open: USTEP for AY2020-2021 early 2021 departure NEW


(Important) Suspension of summer and fall 2020 programs NEW


Published Interview Articles of the Students with Study Abroad


Started LINE@ PR service


Launched Global Competence Certificate: Go Global Gateway

国際総合力認定制度「Go Global Gateway」を開始しました。

Where to fly??

Link to external website: Google My Maps

Have you ever dreamed of going abroad while looking at a world map? Studying abroad is an adventure and deciding on where to go may change your life greatly. Why not look over the world map full of anticipation, and browse through your possibility as a student as much as possible?


Finding event information

Event information page

Make a full use of our events for gathering information and networking! You can find many events that UTokyo (mainly the International Exchange Group) and other departments hold and cooperate with.


Read about the experiences of other students during their study abroad periods

Past students’ reports

Past students’ experience will be a good resource to prepare for your next step. Please make full use of the reports from those who have participated in the study abroad programs that are on offer.


Look for scholarships


There are quite a number of financial support provided for UTokyo students’ study abroad programs and international experiences. One notable point is that most of our students who have participated in the programs have received scholarship. Please have a look for to apply for scholarships/financial aid plans that you may be able to apply for.


Are you worried about something?

Academic status, credits, and job hunting

Many students worry about how to handle both the academics and job hunting when thinking about studying abroad. Studying abroad is a huge investment for yourself, so please prepare well for your next steps!



Statistics data

Most students refer to past data when they apply for USTEP. Please make use of the data before you apply!