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Q.When should I start to prepare for studying abroad?

(For USTEP) Calls for application of the University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP) will open approximately one year before the departure for the program. You need to study and prepare for language ability tests as early as possible so that you can apply in the timing required.
(For short-term study programs like summer programs) Most summer programs offered by the Center for Global Education (formerly the Division for Global Campus Initiatives) open the calls for application around January ~ February and April ~May in the same year in which the program will be held (actual timing depends on the program). You need to study and prepare for language ability tests as early as possible so that your scores can be submitted the deadline. For direct application summer programs (i.e. not through UTokyo), the earliest deadline is around February ~ March. Some programs accept applications until mid-June.

Student Status and Credit
Q.Is it possible to graduate in 4 years, even when I study abroad for 1 semester ~ 1-year ?

It is possible, but it will depend on the duration, timing, credits earned, and credit transfer. However, in many cases, students need to repeat a year if they have spent one year studying abroad. Please consult with the College, Faculty, or Graduate School which you belong to and prepare well for registration of classes and studying abroad. Condition and treatment of credit transfer are different depending on the College, Faculty, or Graduate School, so please make sure you consult with your affiliated College or Faculty when you plan to study abroad on an exchange program.

Q.My current student status is “on leave of absence”. Is it possible for me to apply to USTEP or other programs offered by UTokyo?

Yes, but conditionally. If you return to UTokyo by the time when the program starts, you may be able to participate in some programs. Please check if you are eligible to apply to a specific program with the relevant office of the College, Faculty, or Graduate School of your affiliation before you apply. Regarding USTEP applications, please refer to this page.

Requirments for application and Screening Process
Q.Is it possible for students in the Junior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences to study abroad in the University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP)?

Yes, it is possible. However, you need to consult with the Academic Affairs Divison - Junior Division Section (PEAK/GPeak Section for PEAK Students) about your plan for class registration for the junior division subjects as well as transfer of credit.

Q.I’m not confident in English. Is there any program I can participate in?

Yes, there are some programs for language study. Please check the program list. There are various study abroad programs in terms of purpose, contents, and level. Please make sure not to stick to your concept of studying abroad, learn and understand about the program well in advance so that you will be able to participate in a program that is most suitable for you.

Q.What is the internal screening process for USTEP like?

Candidates of the University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP) are selected by the Center for Global Education (formerly the Division for Global Campus Initiatives) based on a comprehensive process with submitted documents including academic scores, language proficiency, statements using internal application forms, and if applicable interviews.

Q.How much does it cost to study abroad?

(USTEP) The total cost will depend on the region of destination, but sometimes the cost will be almost the same as you study in Japan. Of course, you will need to pay for the flight tickets and the cost for the living, but you do not need to pay tuition fees to the host institution as you continue to pay to UTokyo. Sometimes you can study less expensively as you can get an advantage for accommodation and scholarships as an exchange student.
(Short-term programs such as summer programs) It will completely depend on the program. You can participate in some programs almost for free, but other programs require you to pay more than several hundred thousand yen. You need to take this into account when you decide which program you want to participate in.

Q.How competitive are the programs?

In case of USTEP, we publish application situations and the actual number of students dispatched on the statistics page of this website (please see the program page). Some destinations are very competitive as they attract many candidates. The best strategy is to apply for more than one destination when possible.

Q.Where can I get detailed information about a program that I’m thinking of applying, and any reports from past participants if available?

First, please carefully read the official websites and brochures provided by the host university. With regards to the programs offered by the Center for Global Education (formerly the Division for Global Campus Initiatives) past participant’s reports are available on the Go Global Website. After you have passed the internal selection process, we offer orientation sessions where you can exchange information with past participants.

Q.What happens if there is a conflict in the schedule for a short-term study abroad program and classes or examinations at UTokyo?

Most overseas universities have their summer vacation starting in June ~ July, so many short-term programs are held in this period. Please make sure to check your class/examination schedule before you apply. If being absent from classes/examinations at UTokyo is unavoidable because of studying abroad, the handling of such situations shall be determined by the College, Faculty, or Graduate school to which you are affiliated during the study abroad period. There is no guarantee that the students’ study abroad schedules will be taken into special consideration. Please confirm with the relevant department and be sure to understand the implications before applying.

Q.Where can I consult about studying abroad?

For programs which are currently accepting applications, please contact the relevant office of the College, Faculty, or Graduate School of your affiliation or the contact point listed in the relevant application guideline. Other general questions about studying abroad can be answered by the Study abroad information inquiry desk. For specific academic fields, it may be best to ask to the relevant office in the College, Faculty, or Graduate School, your academic advisors, or senior students in your College, Faculty, or Graduate school.