Housing Information

Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi Area

This website presents information on the area around the Kashiwa Lodge and Kashiwanoha Lodge (Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa city area).


Municipal Office

Non-Japanese residents, who plan to stay in Japan for longer than 3 months, are required to apply for resident registration and also join the National Health Insurance system at the municipal office in a district where they live. Moreover, the municipal office website provides sightseeing spots and event information for residents and visitors to the area, so please see the website for further information.

Mark Name Location Phone Number
A Kashiwa City Hall 5-10-1 Kashiwa, Kashiwa city, Chiba 277-8505 04-7167-1111

Bank & Post Office

If international students and researchers need to pay accommodation fees or utilities, it is recommended that they open an account at a bank or post office.

Mark Name Location Phone Number
B Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
UFJ Kashiwa branch
4-1 Suehiro-cho, Kashiwa city,
Chiba 277-0842
C Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kashiwa branch 1-2-38 Kashiwa, Kashiwa city,
Chiba 277-0005
D Mizuho Bank Kashiwa branch 2-2-3 Kashiwa, Kashiwa city,
Chiba 277-0005
E Chiba Bank
Kashiwanoha-campus branch
174 Wakashiba, Kashiwa city,
Chiba 277-0871
Mark Name Location Phone Number
F Yagi Post Office 209-1 Komagidai, Nagareyama city,
Chiba 270-0113
G Kashiwa Midoridai Post Office 3-27-40 Midoridai, Kashiwa city,
Chiba 277-0884

Medical Institution

The websites to follow may help you find medical institutions suitable for your problems. The lists to follow present those medical institutions located in or near the Kashiwanoha area in Kashiwa-shi. Please note that they were selected at random at the end of 2008, so you will need to contact each clinic or hospital to obtain the latest information. Utokyo’s Health Service Center can also provide you with medical treatments.

J: Japanese-speaking doctor available
E: English-speaking doctor available (Fluency level: daily conversation level or higher)

  • An English-speaking staff member is not necessarily available at the reception.
  • The annotation does not mean that every doctor or staff member speaks English but that there is at least one doctor who speaks English in that institution.
  • If you do not understand Japanese, it is recommended that you ask someone to accompany you and act as your interpreter.
Mark Name Category Location Phone
H Oinuma Clinic Internal Medicine 5-1-58 Midoridai, Kashiwa city 277-0884 04-7131-6657 J
I Soyokaze Dental Clinic Dentistry 94-1 Aota, Nagareyama city 270-0115 04-7157-4182 J、E
J Komakidai Clinic Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology 493-10 Komagidai, Nagareyama city 270-0113 04-7132-4618 J
K Miyaji Dental Clinic Kashiwanoha Dentistry, Orthodontics 3-1-3 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa city 277-0882 04-7132-4618 J
L Suzuki Children's Clinic Pediatrics 4-9-3 Matsuba-cho, Kashiwa city 277-0827 04-7132-1211 J、E
M Lalaport Kashiwanoha Dental Clinic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Surgery Lalaport Kashiwanoha 3F, 175 Wakashiba, Kashiwa city 277-0871 04-7135-0896 J、E
N Harase Orthopedics Clinic Orthopedic Surgery 298-2 Wakashiba, Kashiwa city 277-0871 04-7132-1711 J、E
Mark Name Category Location Phone
O Kashiwanoha North General Hospital Internal Medicine, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Rehabilitation 233-4 Komagidai, Nagareyama city 270-0113 04-7155-5551 J
P Chiba/Kashiwa Tanaka Hospital Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Arrhythmia, Diabetes/Hyperlipemia, Neurology, Surgery (Gastroenterology), Proctology、Plastic Surgery, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Urology, Gynecology, Dentistry 110 Wakashiba, Kashiwa city 277-0871 04-7131-4131 J、E*1

*1: There may be only Japanese-speaking staff available at the reception desk.