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Housing Information

Housing Information


Please be aware that you cannot make an application while the OSTA is under the maintenance, which is usually scheduled on the fourth Wednesday of each month around 17:00-20:00.

For details on the UTokyo accommodations, please refer to the following URLs:



Application info. for the 2024 Autumn Intakes of the International Halls of Residence
    and Lodges will be available from around the end of May. For ways and conditions for 
    application, please wait for the application guidance to be provided from your own 
    affiliated faculty/department at UTokyo.

<Past Info. for the 2024 Spring Intake>
Online Application for MEXT / Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship Student's Residence

Application for "Mejirodai International Village" is always open.
⇒Proceed to #1 to file an application.

You cannot apply for the "Mejrodai International Village" and the "International Lodges & International Halls of Residence" at the same time.  Dual application may lead to invalidation.

1. Apply for the Mejirodai International Village OSTA APPLICATION
2. Apply for the International Lodges and International Halls of Residence OSTA APPLICATION

*For those wanting to apply for the international lodges and international halls of
  residence, please directly contact the person in support of international students
  at the department/faculty you are to belong at UTokyo for the necessasry guidance
  including the OSTA login password.

・WHEN TO CONTACT ⇒ For Spring Admission  : Around the end of December
                                    ⇒ For Autumn Admission: Around the beginning of June


1. Those who are to enter the UTokyo Junior Division as 1st year students in April 2024 (including those who are still to undergo the entrance exam) OSTA APPLICATION
2. Those already enrolled at UTokyo as Undergraduate/Graduate Students OSTA APPLICATION


1. International researchers employed at UTokyo OSTA APPLICATION