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Housing Information

                                                                           Updated on April 3, 2020

Mejirodai International Village
(Opened September 2019)


Mejirodai International Village is accommodation for Japanese students, International students and foreign researchers engaged in education or research at UTokyo. The communal life with diverse people is sure to cultivate your communication skills and widen your international horizons.


 《Notice》Reservation for Visiting Tours is Currently Closed

The reservation for visiting tours has been closed since April 2020 in order to prevent the entry and spread of COVID-19.
We will announce the schedule here on this website once we start taking the reservation again.
Thank you for your kind understanding.


Why choose Mejirodai International Village?

[2020/2/20 UPDATED]
Notification on the Application for the Mejirodai International Village

[2019/7/7 UPDATED]Mejirodai International Village-Photographs of rooms and other areas

Room Layouts & Fees

Eligibility for application 

Japanese students, International students and International researchers enrolled at UTokyo.

Permitted Period of Stay

From 6 months up to 1 year.
*Residential period less than 6 months could be negotiable.

The contract period can be renewed upon request every year up till the end of one's regular term of enrollment of one's curriculum at UTokyo as for undergraduate/graduate students.

The final date of the renewable period for researchers/research studens will be
up till the end of their designated term of research at Utokyo.


3-28-6 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
The University of Tokyo, Mejirodai International Village
【Map (Mejirodai International Village)】
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  1. Shared Type: 704 private rooms
  2. Independent type: 151 private rooms
  3. Wheelchair-accessible room: 1 room


Please refer to the table of fees.

First payment per room type

 How to Apply

OSTA Login Password 

   OSTA Login Password is required to make an application through OSTA.
If you do not know the password, please contact:

  • Person in charge of support section for International students and researchers at your faculty, graduate school, research institute or research center
  • Housing Office (housing-office.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

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Important Notes when using OSTA 

Schedule from application to notification of result

・Monthly deadline for application・・・the 25th day of each month (JST24:00)

・Notification of the selection result・・・the 15th day of the following month

・The earliest possible starting date of stay・・from the first day of the 2nd month
                                                                    from the time of application

Eligibility for application

Prospective International students to be sent by overseas partner universities based on their International Academic Exchange Agreements with UTokyo.

Japanese students, International students and International researchers who are either enrolled or are already fixed to be enrolled at UTokyo.
International students who are to be enrolled at UTokyo from April,2020 are also eligible to apply.

If you need to be considered in terms of physical disabilities
If you have any special room requirements due to physical disabilities, please contact the Housing Office as soon as possible. 

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Visiting Tour

The Visiting Tours for Mejirodai International Village has temporarily been closed since April 3, 2020.


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Please refer to FAQs.

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