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Housing Information

Updated on August 29, 2023

The University of Tokyo

(Opened in September 2019)

MIV Visiting Tour
January 20, 2024
(Registration Form coming up in Nov.)

★RA Application Period Extended until 8/10 (Thu.) 12:00JST
NEWS:AY2023 Autumn RA Recruitment Now Open 7/3-8/10
For those who haven't yet acquired the MIV permit:
You are to complete your online application for your room at the MIV
 at the time you submit your RA application.  Please be sure to include
 the C/D/R/S type room amont your selection and write in the "Notes"
  column that you are  now applying for the 2023 Autumn MIV RA job. 
  If you are to pass the RA screening, then you will be alloted to one of the 
  designated RA rooms at the MIV.

Recruitment for the AY2023 Autumn RA is now open at the MIV.
For those interested in applying for the RA position, please submit the
required documents by 2023/7/31 24:00JST.

○RAs: Student residents who will mainly work in support of the other
            students living at the dorm and who also plan & hold events.
○Application Period:2023/7/3(Mon.)-
○Number of RAs to be Recruited: 10 students
○Way of Selection: Document Screening & Interview
                               (online interview planned in August)

○Notification of Result: Around September

Application Information for the AY2023 Autumn Resident Assistants
 Application Form 1
   Application Form 2
   ▶Upload Forms 1&2:
※Title your file as below when submitting your application.
         ⇒【AY2023 Autumn: RA Application】NAME/(MIV Room Number)
If you are already assigned a room at the MIV, be sure to add
               your room number after your name in the file name.

👉For Inquiries: Subject your email as "【INQUIRY】Mejirodai RA
    Applicantion" and send to

▶For Students:
 For International Students who expect delay in their arrival in Japan
▶For International Researchers:
Always inform the UTokyo Housing Office through your affiliated
if there is to be any change made in your term of
    employment at the university

Introducing the Mobile Catering Service
The MIV is introducing the mobile catering service so that our residents can get enough nutrition and live a healthier and happier college life at the MIV.

Mejirodai International Village
Store Hours 11:30 - 14:00

MENU (2023 July)
MENU (2023 August)
MENU (2023 September)



Mejirodai International Village is the accommodation for Japanese students, International students and foreign researchers engaged in education or research at UTokyo. The communal life with diverse people is sure to cultivate your communication skills and widen your international horizons.

3-28-6 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
The University of Tokyo, Mejirodai International Village
Map (Mejirodai International Village)


Access to the UTokyo Komaba Campus
Access to the UTokyo Hongo Campus

LINEAR BLDG. 1ST. FLR. Independent Type Rooms Single: T/Couple: G, H, K
2ND. FLR. Independent Type Rooms Single: E, T/Couple: G, H, K
3~5 FLR. Shared Type Rooms: A, C, R
6~8 FLR. Shared Type Rooms: A, C, R
SOUTH BLDG. 2~7 FLR. Shared Type Rooms: B, D, S
NORTH BLDG. 1~8 FLR. Independent Type Rooms Single: F, L/Couple: J, M/N



    All fees at MIV must be prepaid by the 25th day of the previous month.
    Therefore, you will need to get prepared for the payment of approximately 2 months' rent at
     the time of your move-in.  For the details, please refer to "First Payment per Room Type"


The permitted term of stay at MIV is up to one year.
The permitted term of stay can be renewed upon request every year up to the end of the regular term of enrollment for the student’s course duration at UTokyo as an undergraduate and graduate student. The permitted term of stay for international researchers and research students is usually up to a maximum period of one year but may be renewed yearly upon request until the end of their designated term of research at UTokyo.

※Enrollment at UTokyo is a prerequisite condition for the MIV application.
   The acceptable statuse are:   a) International Researchers
                                                   b) International Students, and
                                                   c) Japanese Students

   If unsure of your own status, be sure to consult your affiliated faculty/department
   ahead of time.  International students who are still undergoing the entrance exam,
   etc. are also eligible to apply, but term of enrollment must be fixed at the time of
   the verification process which is to be conducted by the applicant's affiliated
   faculty/department at UTokyo.



OSTA Login Password:
To make an application through OSTA, "the provisional login password" is required.
If you do not know the password, please either contact:

  • The Person in charge of support section for International students and researchers at your faculty, graduate school, research institute or research center
  • Housing Office (housing-office.adm [at]

If You Need to be Considered in Terms of Physical Disabilities
If you have any special room requirements due to physical disabilities, please contact the Housing Office as soon as possible.

▶For Your OSTA Application:



The Visiting Tour for Mejirodai International Village has been suspended due to the COVID-19 infection control measures.
We will announce when the visiting tour starts again.

Online Consultations will be held in July and January.

*Consultation scheduled in July 2022 has been canceled due to COVID-19 prevention.



Please refer to FAQs.