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Updated June 11, 2024

This page is for those who would like to apply for the Mejirodai International Village (MIV) ONLY.  If you do not fit into this category, please return to the previous page.

Important Notes when Applying via OSTA
(For International Students)

【NEWS】■From May 26, 2024: Independent Rooms at the Linear Bldg. now open to
                                                    all students                  
               ■From June 10, 2024: Recruitment for the AY2024 Autumn Dorm RAs now
                                                     Selected students will have the privilege to stay at one
                                                     of designated shared-type 15m2 Dorm RA rooms at
                                                     a special price. See HERE for more details.

=Our Request for Your Self Health Care Management=

Please refer to the notice below for our request towards your own self health care management
at the dorm.


Your Term of Residence at the MIV
The start of the permitted term of residence will generally be set from the very first day of each month based on your term of enrollment at UTokyo. All fees will be charged based on your permitted term of residence that is to be printed on your "Notification of Admission."
The Payment of your Rent at the MIV
All fees at the MIV are to be prepaid by the 25th day of each prior month.  Therefore, you will be required to prepare the following amount at the time of your move-in date.
Entrance Fee + Mattress Cover Fee + (Monthly Accommodation Fee + Monthly Maintenance Fee + Monthly Utilities Fee) x 2 months

Relocation from International Lodges/International Halls of Residence to the MIV:
If you are relocating from one of the International Lodges/International Halls of Residence to the MIV, specify so in the "Notes" of your application so that you may be allowed to move-in to the MIV at the end of your original permitted term of residence of the International Lodge/International Hall of Residence if applied in time and permitted.

OSTA Login Password

A Login Password is required to make an application through OSTA. If you do not know the password, please contact the person in charge of support for International Students at your faculty, graduate school, research institute or research center that you are to belong at UTokyo

Refer to the list below to find out where to contact.


Applications are accepted six months prior to the expected starting date of your stay. The selection result is notified by E-mail on or around the 15th day of the following month. (There is a selection process.)

Eligibility for Application

(a) International Students who are either enrolled or already fixed to be enrolled at UTokyo.  International Students awaiting for the results to be enrolled at UTokyo are also eligible to apply.

Prospective International Students to be sent by overseas partner universities based on their International Academic Exchange Agreements with UTokyo

Students on leave of absence are not eligible to apply for their stay at the MIV, except for those who are to reenroll from the month they wish to move-in.

Schedule from Application to Notification of Result

  • Monthly Deadline for Application・・・
    the 25th day of each month (JST24:00)
  • Notification of the Selection Result・・・
    around the 15th day of the following month
  • The Earliest Possible Move-in Date・・・
    from the first day of the second month from the time of application
 [Application Date] 2021/11/11
 [Application Deadline] 2021/11/25
 [Application Result] Around 2021/12/15
 [Earliest Possible Move-in Date] 2022/1/1

【Note】 Regarding the Fall 2024 Application Period
  • Students may not apply for both [Mejirodai International Village] and [International Lodge or International Student House] at the same time. However, doctoral students are able to apply for [Mejirodai International Village] and [Oiwake International Village] at the same time.
  • Students who had not been selected for the [International Lodge or International Student Housing], can apply for the [Mejirodai International Village] during the application period below.
[Mejirodai International Village: Additional Application Period for July] 
 [Application Period] July 26 (Fri.)~July 31(Wed.)
 [Application Result] Around August 16 (Fri.) 

 [Earliest Possible Move-in Date] From September onwards

※Move-ins can only basically be accepted after the commencement of enrollment.

Room Types Available for International Students

The room types that are available for International Students are:  

      ▶Shared Type A/C/R (Male)
      ▶Shared Type A/C/R (Female)

   *The Shared Type rooms are the single-use private rooms with a shared kitchen,
  shared showers and shared lavatories.

   ※Applications for the Single E/T Type Rooms will be handled as follows:

〇For Applications Received by 5/25: Only for students enrolled in UTokyo Graduate
                                                           Schools to complete their Master/Doctoral/
                                                           Professional Degrees.
〇For Applications Received from 5/26: Application to be open to all students regardless
                                                              of their status.
▶Independent Type E
▶Independent Type T
(Type T has no kitchen and stove inside the room)
Type E/T have no washing machine and dryer within the room. Please use the ones
  in the laundry room.

      ▶Independent Type H
      ※Applications for the Single & Couple G/K Type Rooms will be handled as follows:

      〇For Applications Received by 5/25: Only for students enrolled in UTokyo Graduate
                                                                Schools to complete their Master/Doctoral/
                                                                Professional Degrees.
      〇For Applications Received from 5/26: Application to be open to all students regardless
                                                                    of their status.
      ▶Independent Type G
  ▶Independent Type K

See HERE for each room layout → ROOM LAYOUTS

*Inquiries regarding the number of vacancies cannot be answered because of 
  the frequent changes in its numbers. Application results will only be transmitted
  by the email sent from OSTA.
*No changes will be allowed on your application after the deadline.
*Please keep in mind that your application result may turn out to be unsuccessful as
  we have been receiving numbers of applications recently.
*Actual sizes of the rooms of the same type may vary due to construction reasons.
*No requests for the floor level or room direction will be taken into account at the time
  of assignment.
*Construction work is in progress at the west side of the premises next to the 
  accommodation. There may be noise and vibrations generated by the construction.
  If you are sensitive to sound or vibrations, please be aware of this in advance.
*Entrance fee is not equivalent to the "deposit fee" and thus will not be refunded.


Application for Couples

If you are to apply for an independent-type room as a couple, you are required to submit the following document at the time of your application to the Housing Office.

An official document verifying the relationship between the applicant and the person who wish to live together.                  
⇒ Please send your document to:
    Housing Office
    Email: housing-office.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

International Students in Need of Special Consideration

If you have any special room requirements due to physical disabilities, please consult the Housing Office prior to your application. Please note that you will be requested to submit a medical certificate at the time of your application.
⇒ Please send your document to:
    Housing Office
    Email: housing-office.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Privacy Policy

All personal information obtained as at the time of application will only be used for the purpose of the selection process and the management/operation of the UTokyo accommodations with the relevant UTokyo departments and would not be used for any other objective whatsoever.

For any furthermore questions in regard of OSTA and the UTokyo accommodations, please contact the UTokyo Housing Office:
Email:  housing-office.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Click the button below to make an application after you have read and understood the description on this webpage.