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Experience Now! July 3, 2020

About Housing Office

About Housing Office

Housing Office was established as part of a project to create a suitable environment for education, research, and living on the global campuses advocated in "FOREST 2015" - action scenario of the University of Tokyo. Housing Office’s aim is to provide high-quality accommodations at affordable prices.



Mejirodai International Village (Established in 2019)


Mejirodai International Village is the facility that represents the UTokyo’s unprecedented challenge that no other university has taken on before, with its state of the art research institution and the international accommodation where approximately 1,000 diverse students and researchers spend their life.

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→Mejirodai International Village

Accommodations Offered by UTokyo

Accommodations Offered by UTokyo

Information on accommodations offered by UTokyo for international students and researchers.

→Accommodations Offered by UTokyo

Private Accommodations (Apartments and Hotels)

Private Accommodations (Apartments and Hotels)

Information on apartments and other accommodations not offered by UTokyo.

→Private Accommodations (Apartments and Hotels)