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OSTA Login Password

A Login Password is required to make an application through OSTA. If you do not know the password, please contact:

  • Person in charge of support for international researchers at your faculty, graduate school, research institute or research centre
  • Housing Office(housing-office.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

Important Notes when using OSTA (For International Researchers)

Applications are accepted from six months prior to the expected starting date of your stay. The selection result is notified by E-mail on or around the 15th day of the following month.
(There is a selection process.)

You can start applying from                    ・・・・・   Six months prior to the expected starting date
                                                                      of your stay
Monthly deadline for application              ・・・・・   the 25th day of every month (JST 24:00)
                                                                      Notification of selection results on or around
                                                                      the 15th of the following month
Earliest possible starting date of stay       ・・・・・   from the first day of the second month
                                                                      after application [For example, if you submit
                                                                      your application on 24 February, you will
                                                                      be informed of the selection result on or
                                                                      around 15 March and if successful, you MAY
                                                                      be able to move in from 1 April.]
  • International researchers who will engage in research and/or education activities at UTokyo
  • Japanese researchers who arrive in Japan to engage in research and/or education activities  UTokyo while they belong to an overseas university or research institute.
  • International researchers who have stayed in any of UTokyo’s accommodations for one year or more during the past three years are NOT eligible to apply.
  • If you have stayed in any of UTokyo’s accommodations during the past three years, the total period of your stays including the next one must be one year or less. For example, if you have stayed for five months in the past, your next stay would be seven months at the longest.
  • OSTA’s application form asks you to fill in the period of accommodation required. Please remember that it must be one year or less.

Important Note when moving into the accommodation

Please note that the fees are incurred from the first day of your term of residence written on your Notification of Admission unless in extreme circumstances.

※If there is to be any change made in your term of employment, please be sure to
    notify the UTokyo Housing Office through your affiliated faculty/department at
    UTokyo for you will need to modify your permitted term of residence accordingly. 
    Move-ins without the necessary
 modification may not be accepted.

Relocation from International Lodges to Mejirodai International Village:
If you are relocating from one of the International Lodges to Mejirodai International Village, specify so in the "Notes" of your application so that you may be allowed to move-in to the MIV at the end of your original permitted term of residence of the International Lodge if applied in time and permitted.

<IMPORTANT: Application for the Mejirodai International Village>

*Inquiries regarding the number of vacancies cannot be answered because of 
  the frequent changes in its numbers. Application results will only be transmitted
  by the email sent from OSTA.
*No changes will be allowed on your application after the deadline.
*Please keep in mind that your application result may turn out to be unsuccessful as
  we have been receiving numbers of applications recently.
*Actual sizes of the rooms of the same type may vary due to construction reasons.
*No requests for the floor level or room direction will be taken into account.
*Excavation of buried cultural properties is now being carried out in the west side of
  the premises next to the accommodation. There will be a construction of the building
  after the excavation process. You may feel some sound/vibrations/etc. generated by
  the construction/excavation activities. Please remember this point if you consider
  yourself sensitive to sound/vibrations/etc.
*Entrance fee is not equivalent to the "deposit fee" and thus will not be refunded.
*Type M and N have different room layout. If you have a preference, specify them in "Note"
  field of the application.
*Room Types Available for Researchers: F, J, L, M/N

Privacy Policy

All personal information obtained as at the time of application will only be used for the purpose of the selection process and the management/operation of the UTokyo accommodations with the relevant UTokyo departments and would not be used for any other objective whatsoever.

For any furthermore questions in regard of OSTA and the UTokyo accommodations, please contact the UTokyo Housing Office:

Email:  housing-office.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

There are not much vacant rooms available at the Mejirodai International Village. If you are only applying for the Mejirodai Inteanational Village, please also consider to apply for the International Lodge as well as the private accommodations.

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