Online Application for MEXT / Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship Student’s Residence

本学においては、新規渡日の国費留学生(研究留学生)、日本台湾交流協会奨学金留学生(研究留学生)に対しインターナショナル・ロッジ駒場本館又は柏ロッジを割り当てています。これらのロッジの入居申請を行えば、最長で1年入居することができます。希望者は以下内容をよく読んで、OSTA(Online System for UTokyo Accommodations)により宿舎の入居申請を行ってください。なお、本学の宿舎に入居を希望しない場合は入学予定の研究科へE-mailでお知らせください。

Newly-arrived international students (Research Students) awarded the MEXT scholarship or Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship can get admission to International Lodge, Komaba Lodge Main or Kashiwa Lodge based on your preference. The period of residence is one year at the longest. Please read the following instructions carefully and make an application using OSTA (Online System for UTokyo Accommodations). If you do not wish to apply for UTokyo accommodations, please inform your Graduate School Office by e-mail.
Eligibility for application:

  • Newly-arrived international students (Research Students) awarded the MEXT scholarship
  • Newly-arrived and locally-accepted international students awarded the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship


UTokyo assign International Lodge single rooms as follows:

For those who are expected to study at KOMABA campus or HONGO campus:
International Lodge, KOMABA LODGE MAIN
For those who are expected to study at KASHIWA campus:
International Lodge, KASHIWA LODGE
 Information on International Lodge, Komaba Lodge, Main
 Information on International Lodge Kashiwa Lodge

Important points on application




You are given priority only for the Komaba Lodge Main or Kashiwa Lodge single room.
If you are expected to study at KOMABA or HONGO campus, select Komaba Lodge Main.

Please note that you will lose your right of priority unless you choose Komaba Lodge Main
as your first choice.

Those who are expected to study at KASHIWA campus should select KASHIWA LODGE.

Please note that KASHIWA LODGE is far from other UTokyo campuses.
Rooms you are prioritized for are only single rooms in KOMABA MAIN or KASHIWA.
Please note that if you are to apply for a family room or couple room, there is a selection process and your room is not necessarily guaranteed.

Please enter contact information of your contact person(s) in Item No.10 on OSTA.
Please follow the given instruction from your graduate school, if any.

For example,

  • Supervising professor's name and e-mail address
  • Secretary of your laboratory's name
  • Department office's e-mail address.


4 入居期間:
  入居許可期間:2020 年4月~2021年3月(約1年間)
      Term of residence at the International Lodge: April 2020 - March 2021
  (About one year)
5 申請スケジュール:
Schedule from application to notification of result
The application period for residence is from December 26, 2019 – January 25, 2020 (JST 24:00).
入居許可通知発送時期 2020年2月下旬

You will receive the "Notification of Admission to the University of Tokyo Accommodation" around late-February. If you do not receive the Notification e-mail until February 29, please contact the UTokyo Housing Office
      Email: rsupport.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

*If you have any special room requirements due to physical disabilities,
please contact the  International Support Group as soon as possible.
      International Support Group
      Email: rsupport.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

To make an application for Intrenational Lodges
     Click for OSTA


A Login Password is required to make an application through OSTA.
If you do not know the password, please contact:
Person in charge of support for international students at your faculty, graduate school, research institute or research centre OR
the UTokyo Housing Office.