Housing Information

Oiwake International Lodge

Oiwake International Lodge is an accommodation facility for foreign researchers engaged in education or research activity at UTokyo and for overseas Japanese researchers who come to Japan to conduct research and education at UTokyo.


Eligibility & Permitted Period of Stay

  • Foreign researchers currently registered at or employed by UTokyo
  • Overseas Japanese researchers coming to Japan to conduct research or education at UTokyo
  • When there are some vacancies, foreign researchers engaged in research or education at other national university corporations or research institutions may be eligible.

The regulation about term of residency have been revised. New regulation will apply on September 1, 2019. 
For detailed information, please refer to
this notification.

As a general rule, you may stay for, at least, two weeks up to one year. However, you may extend the length of stay up to two years if you apply for an extension. To do so, please complete the necessary procedures six months before the expiry date of your residential agreement. However, your application for an extension will be subject to a new round of the selection process along with other new applications. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be automatically granted an extension.

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1-12-8, Mukougaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0023
The University of Tokyo Oiwake International House

【Map (Google Map) (Oiwake Lodge GUIDE MAP)】

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Facilities & Equipment

Construction: 2010

Single room for foreign researchers:
shoe locker, closet, bookshelf, small kitchen(IH cooking heater), bath, toilet, fixed washbasin, washing machine, bed, desk, chair, desk lamp, refrigerator, microwave, tableware, cooking utensils, air conditioner, curtain

At lounge area:
complete kitchen unit, microwave oven, refrigerator, table, sofa, TV set, air conditioner

At community area:
DVD player, overhead projector, conference desks and chairs, air conditioner

bicycle parking (motorbikes are prohibited), elevator, rental vacuum cleaner/iron
* No car parking lot for the residents
* There is no bedding provided. So, please prepare your own.
   Or you can use the bedding rental service. Application Form
  Bed Size : 100 × 195 × 18cm  One single bed with a spring mattress and a bed pad

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65 single rooms for researchers (app. 25m2)
(The lodge building also houses 150 single rooms for students and 2 wheelchair-accessible rooms)


It varies from room to room.

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Fees (as of April 1, 2017)


      Accommodation Fees have been revised.
      The new fees will apply on September 1, 2019. 
      For detailed information, please refer to
this notification.

Cleaning Fees  ※1 20,600 yen( One-off Expenses )
  monthly  ※2 daily
Accommodation Fee 64,800yen 2,160yen
Common Service Fees 2,000yen  ※3
Utilities・Internet Access Fees 15,400yen 515yen


※1 After you have vacated your room, we will clean it in preparation for the next resident.

※2 If the product of a daily rate and the number of days of stay is greater than the monthly amount, the monthly amount will be adopted. The monthly amount is billed for the stay from the first to the 28th or 29th of February.

※3  Common service fee should be paid on a monthly basis in the move-in or move-out months regardless of the number of days of stay.

◎  Daily rates are applicable to the stay shorter than two months. For example, if a resident moves in on 21 October and departs on 20 November, the product of a daily rate and 31 days will be the amount to be billed.

◎  The fees cannot be refunded once it is paid.

If you plan to leave the lodge well before the final day of your permitted term of residence, please submit “Notification of Departure of the University of Tokyo International Lodge” 14 days before the departure date at the latest.
If a resident fails to submit the notification by the deadline of 14 days before the date of departure, the product of a daily rate and the number of days of delay will be added to the last bill. (For example, if the departure date is 20 November and the submission date is 10 November, the amount for four additional days will be charged.)


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Application Period, How to Apply & Screening Criteria for Admission

Applications are accepted every month from six months before the preferred moving-in date.

You can apply for accommodations of the University of Tokyo through our online application system - OSTA. Please click “OSTA Online System for UTokyo Accommodations” above for detailed information.

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Area Information

We provide foreign researchers staying at Oiwake International Lodge with information on various services essential for their everyday life.

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Some of the frequently asked questions and answers about Oiwake International Lodge

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Nearest Subway Stations & Access from the Airport

How to get there from Hongo Campus:
Start from the main gate of the campus and walk north along Hongo Street for 11 minutes

  1. 4-minute walk from Todaimae Station on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
  2. 7-minute walk from Hon-komagome Station on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
  3. 7-minute walk from Hakusan Station on Toei Mita Line
  4. 11-minute walk from Sendagi Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
  5. 12-minute walk from Nezu Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
  6. 19-minute walk from Hongo-sanchome Station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line or on Toei Oedo Line
  7. In front of the Toei Bus's Mukougaoka 1-chome stop


*Please note that the amounts of time shown in the following table indicate only the expected travelling time. The table does not include the time it takes for transfer or waitin.


Narita Airport → Oiwake Lodge

crossing-over map

Haneda Airport → Oiwake Lodge

crossing-over map