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Cyber First (Reversal economy between digital and real delivered by Internet genes)


ESAKI Hiroshi


262 pages, A5 format




November 29, 2019



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Impress R&D

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Cyber First

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The Internet has used digital technology to deliver a global social ecosystem that enables "One for All, All for One" (one for all, all for one). In this book, we will discuss the altruism equivalent discussed in Mr. Jack Atari's "History of the 21st Century", known as the wise man of France, and realize the evolution (= transformation) of the cyber physical space in the future, also, discussing the essence of the Internet and digital with the perspective of the server space as a gene suggested by Richard Dawkins's "selfish gene" and the physical space as a living machine.

Human being invented three "digitizations", which are "Language," "character," and "Code." These inventions have caused disruptive innovations in social and industrial structures, but human experience to date is only the beginning. In this book, in addition to these three digitizations, we also considered "currency digitization," which is the core of FinTech (a coined word for finance and technology), which has been receiving a lot of attention recently. Full-scale (= native) digitization and networking of "currencies" is a new in cyberspace that is essentially different from the economic activities in physical space such as Bitcoin and blockchain. I considered trying to create economic activity and structure.
The definition of the digital economy by "code" means transforming and evolving the existing "physical first" paradigm into a new "cyber first" paradigm. In a "physical first" system, the physical structure that is the "muscle system" remains, but the importance of computers and networks that manage and control the physical structure that is the "nerve system" is important. Increasing, the "nerve system" will be realized and deployed by the "cyber space". This is the smart and digitalization that is beginning in many industries today.
Not only the digital economy that cooperates and cooperates with the "digital native" physical space, not the "pseudo-digital" that is developed on the premise of the Internet, but also the social and industrial infrastructure that "cyber space defines and constructs the physical space". It explains what seems to be important in designing, building, and operating the Internet, as an architecture, along with the possibility of more specific digital transformation (DX).


(Written by ESAKI Hiroshi, Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology / 2020)

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