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An Anthology on Educational Technology II 7 Informal Gakushu (Informal Learning)


Japan Society for Educational Technology (Ed.), Yuhei YAMAGUCHI (Ed.), Masahiro YAMADA (Ed.)


192 pages, A5 format




January 01, 2016



Published by

Minerva Shobo

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Informal Gakushu

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The information revolution has increased learning opportunities outside of school education. Starting with hands-on learning through e-learning, or with ubiquitous equipment, the foundations of lifelong learning are gradually being established by using IT, even in the areas of workshops, science communications, museums, and corporate human resource development. Additionally, there have been various attempts to use IT in creating learning opportunities outside of schools, including the Period of Integrated Study (term used for interdisciplinary education by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in primary and secondary education, or project learning in universities. The new method of learning using ICT is gradually introducing activities such as serious games and social learning.
This book illustrates research on informal learning conducted from the perspective of educational technology. OECD defines informal learning as "learning resulting from day-to-day work-related activities, family life, and leisure ". However, this book treats non-formal learning as a part of the broad definition of informal learning, in the sense of being an intentional activity within a learning plan, even though it is not designed to meet specific goals such as learning objectives, time or support.
This book comprises of different research categories examined in educational technology theses to enable readers to obtain a general perspective on broad areas of research. The field of child development, in particular, is explored because of its advanced learning practices and research. Finally, the book focuses on ICT as a feature of educational technology to examine methods of development.
Introduction: Educational Technology and Informal Learning (By Yuhei Yamauchi)
Chapter 1: Lifelong Learning Facility and Informal Learning (By Noyuri Mima)
Chapter 2: Informal Learning in the Work Place (By Junko Araki)
Chapter 3: University Education and Informal Learning (By Professor Kawai)
Chapter 4: Child Development and Informal Learning (By Asami Sato)
Chapter 5: Workshops and Informal Learning (By Rena Mori)
Chapter 6:ICT and Informal Learning (By Masahiro Yamada)
The final Chapter: Informal Learning in a Changing World (By Yuhei Yamauchi)
Each chapter contains a review by a leading researcher in different areas of informal learning. Moreover, they simultaneously discuss the position of informal learning within educational technology. This book is expected to be a beacon of informal learning that directs us to new research and practices.
The book has been published as a part of an anthology of educational technology. Those wishing to learn about the methodology of informal learning, such as its structure, and evaluation, among others, you are recommended to read the relevant volumes in this selection.

(Written by YAMAUCHI Yuhei, Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies / 2017)

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